Monday, November 27, 2006

Dr. Appt for 11/27

One more Dr. Appt down and THREE MORE TO GO! YAHOO!

Dr. Putterman was so impressed today. He said i'm doing so well considering. The babies are doing great so far and all my worries are really behind me. Right now the girls are both right over 4lbs and so if they were born now there wouldn't be much to worry about other than their lungs developing. He said if he wasn't worried about that he'd do a c-section at 34 weeks. I got really excited at first when he mentioned 34 weeks...but he said no after all.

I'm really ready to be done with my pregnancy. I'm so big, my hands are numb and hurt really really bad all night, i get really bad charlie horses and i can hardly put socks/pants etc on anymore. I will be so happy to be able to see my toes again.

Anyway he gave us a bit of information on the c-section. We will go into Methodist around 8am on Dec 26th and we'll be admitted and then they'll do the c-section about 10am. He said a c-section is really better for me because if the girls do have the twin to twin transfusion the c-section can be done and then girls be born 30 seconds apart and you don't have to worry about anything after that...rather than have a regular birth where one baby could be in there 30 minutes or more later. I chose the c-section. I guess this time my belly will hurt v/s my backside :) I'll let ya'll know which is better after i've had the c-section.

That's all for now. The dr. gave up on pictures because he's done soo many ultra sounds. I guess i won't have any more pics of the girls till the big day!

Will update again NEXT Wednesday, as that is my next appt!