Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dr. appt 12/13

We went for yet another dr. appt today. He checked the fluid in the sacks and the movement of the babies. He told me i have very active babies...i think that's a good thing? He said they both look great and everything was a ok so far. I also had to have a strep b test done today. I didn't think if you have a c-section you could pass it on to the babies...obviously you can since they gave me the test. Next he told me to pack my bag just in case we could go straight to the hospital. I can't believe the time is flying by so quickly.

Lastly i'm still sick so he did decide to give me a zpac to knock out the congestion etc.. He said he'd hate for me to be sick and try to have a baby. That makes two of us.

That's it for now...this weekend our plan is to pack up everything...put the car seats in the car...get down all the impt stuff we need for the girls etc.

O yeah the contractor said that the bathroom should be done by next friday...i'm not going to hold my breath on that one. He just got red tagged today(he has to pay a fine and go down to the city and resubmit his premit) because he still didn't do anything that was asked of the inspector from last thursday when the inspector came by. this nightmare ever going to end???