Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mom's of Multiples Meeting 7/20

My Friend Melody and I are going to our first Mom of Multiples meeting tonight! I'm really excited. We are hoping we'll be able to gather as much info as possible from other moms.

I'm starting to get back to normal for the time being. I've had enough energy to wash clothes, do dishes and all the other fun house wife chores. I still get sick in the morning but by mid day i'm usually ok. I have been having some bad headaches the past week that i sure hope subside sometime soon. I had to call the dr. on duty last friday afternoon to see what i could and could not take. He said i'm ok taking tylenol and sudafed. I think i knew that from last time...but just to be on the safe side i called anyway.

I've also be anxiously planning my sweet baby Hannah's 2nd birthday part. I can't belive that time has gone by soo quickly. She has become so independent. She helps with chores, helps feed her new fish "Betta" and has learned to put her shoes on all by herself. O yes, and she has the strength to open up the fridge which could pose a problem sometime soon! She knows a couple of colors, be predominately pink. Paul was shocked beacuase he gave her a bath yesterday and she specifically asked for the pink crayon to color in the bath. That's definitely MY girl! She loves pink, carrying purses and "bipstick/lipstick". She decided on Barney for her birthday party this we went and bought all Barney plates, hats and everything else that went with the Barney ensemble. For her birthday we bought her a little plastic climbing/sliding toy. I think she will really enjoy this because she roams in the backyard everyday now...and doesn't really have anything to play with. NOW she has something in the back to keep her out of the dog water. I also bought her a tea set with 35 pieces to spread throughout the house. Paul was not happy about this, so i promised i'd buy a bag to keep all the pieces together in one spot. We also bought Hannah one of those gigantic blow up jumping things for her party. I think it's going to be a big hit for the kids...and maybe for me too! We'll see what the max weight is for the jumper.
Lastly, we're taking Hannah to the circus this weekend. We're meeting my sister and Hannah's cousing Allison. I think Hannah will have a blast...and to be quite honest, if she doesn't i know i will! :) That's all for now! I will attach some pics sunday after we go to the show.


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