Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Our Last Dr. Appt! YEAH!!

Well we went to the dr. today thinking in the back of our mind that we may be having a c-section today. Not the case. The dr. checked and everything looked really well...the fluid was fine and the girls are both very active. He said we should go ahead and wait until Tuesday for the c-section. I'm happy but so uncomfortable. The good thing is that Hannah and Paul will have more time to get better since they are both fairly sick. I took Hannah to the dr. today and they gave her a shot to get her well asap...i kinda asked for a shot because i really want her well. I also made Paul go to the dr. because he has a HORRIBLE cough...i keep telling him he sounds like a 100 year old man that's smoked his entire life :) The dr. gave him some medicine keep me quiet but told him not to take it unless he had he's refused and i'm pretty upset with him.

On another note:
The house is a mess...yesterday the contractor's workers left the gate open and sugar ran away. We came home and searched for 4 hours and made 80 leaflets to put in neighbors mail boxes...and finally right across the street we heard a yapping that sounded like sugar. I drove by and sure enough she got into our neighbors back yard while they have the garage and side door open. Then they didn't realize she was there and shut the door and she was stuck. Paul was so mad he fired the contractor and said don't come back until you find my dog. Fortunately we found her and they can get some work done sometime soon. The contractor told Paul i scared the living daylights out of them because i yelled at them and told them to get out. The didn't come back today and we've kinda given up all hope. The contractor has failed 4 inspections on the framing and who knows when they will actually pass. They have ruined our brand new carpet in our bedroom and that whole side of the house stinks like dirty icky carpet. Obviously the contractor just doesn't care one bit about us and we've just given up . He even went to the extent that he asked paul if we could just blow off the inspections...Paul said NO WAY! Anyway that's the news on our mess of a house...I'm guessing it may be done by the end of January if we're lucky. I'm really upset because i don't want a whole bunch of weird people coming in our house while i'm taking care of the girls...but what can you do when you hired the worst contractor there is in houston?

All in all things could be worse and we're going to have a wonderful december 26th if all goes well. Paul will post pics of the girls i'm guessing by noon on that day. The c-section is scheduled for 10am and then dr. said it'll take no longer than an hour total.

Please keep our family in your prayers that everything goes smoothly and that the girls are healthy and we don't have any problems taking them so soon!

Merry Christmas,