Tuesday, December 18, 2007

One tooth = fussy baby!

I have noticed that Sarah's been extra fussy lately. Couldn't really figure out what was wrong...she's not really eating well...not drinking much etc. SO, Paul said check her teeth...she may be teething. Low and behold...she's getting a new tooth. She's getting the bottom left one. The funky one that Sam got right after her 4 top teeth. I'm just so glad i know now...it was really baffling me as to why she didn't want to eat or drink her bottles...i even got mad and told Paul her bottle was too cold and he put too much milk and she wasn't used to it. OOPS..Sorry Paul! Guess it's more just her tooth hurting that the milk being too cold! LOL!

Also, Sam has turned really independent lately. She will NOT let you hold her bottle anymore. I'm sad because my babies are growing up...but boy has it become so much easier feeding two babies at once. Now, i just make two bottles...prop them up in their boucy seats and let them eat their own bottles. No more holding, no more burping, no more messes, no more bibs. O dear, my life is just SOO easy now.

Guess how many days till my girls turn ONE????? 8 more days!

This time last year i was sitting on my butt watching t.v. unable to get comfortable and pretty much sitting around waiting for 36 weeks 4 days to come so i could meet my baby girls! I wasn't sleeping well, had a bit of insomnia and sleeping on the couch for the past month. Dealing with Julia going out at all times of the night and waking me up since i was on the couch...waking me up again when she'd get home after along night of partying...HOW ANNOYING! I guess i don't have any complaints though...my life was good...my babies were baking well inside of my belly and weren't even ready to come out on the big day!