Thursday, December 27, 2007

Maybe next year will be a better Bday party....

Well, now that the girls are sick we're not going to be able to have the big party we had planned for this year. I'm REALLY REALLY SAD...but that's life when you have tons of people in your house for the holidays...well and sick! SO, now i've had to email all my friends that were bringing particular preemies, etc. So, my poor babies aren't going to have much of a party. What a mess! As you can tell i'm pretty upset since i had so many plans for the kiddos this year.

On another note, my kiddos are back to their wonderful sleeping schedule now that everyone is gone and we can go back to settling down early! I'm still a bit exhausted from the whole week...but i'm finally catching up on my sleep from the 4 nights of straight crying due to to much noise. I'm going to take this whole ordeal as a lesson learned. We just can't have anyone that doesn't go to bed by 10p upstairs above the girls...they will hear them and be up all night crying!

Well, i'm working on a photo montage for their that things are slowing down i'll have a bit more time. SO hopefully i'll have something together in the next week or two.