Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mothers Day Out!

Today, i'm taking the twins to visit St. Rose MDO program. They start the second week in January...i'm soo nervous! I'm not nervous for me...i'm nervous for the people that will be taking care of them(Ms. Anna & Ms. Caroline)! I don't think their are any sets of twins right now in the program, and i feel it's going to be rough for them. Some things i'm worried about..

1. they always cry at the same time...or one will get the other going. Then you have two sobbing babies.

2. They both are starving all the time(i know this isn't a bad thing at all b/c i'm been on the other side of the tracks with Hannah) BUT...when they get hungry they get really mad if you don't feed them.

3. The take two naps a school they only take one right after lunch!

4. I feed them alot during the day.(our schedule goes something like this: 6a-6oz bottle, 8a-breakfast/two pancackes or a pancake & cinnamon roll), 10a-6oz bottle, 12p-lunch(green beans & pasta w/crackers and cheese), 2p-6oz bottle, 5p-6oz bottle-usually by 4p i have to give them some crackers or animal cookies to hold them over, 545p-dinner(a veggie & starch & whatever else i may think of) 730p-6oz bottle. That seems like alot...and i feel like it is. But it's a blessing since Hannah hated to eat and we had to have a silent room with no one moving around for her to eat a bottle or she had to be sleeping everytime i fed her otherwise she was too distracted.

5. They don't sit at a baby table with chairs to school they sit at a table with chairs(no high chair) to eat...and they have to feed themselves(which they are pretty good at so far).

6. They will have to lay down on a mat and nap..YIKES! They are used to laying down in their beds...this is going to be a challenge.

7. They don't like shoes much...but they have to wear shoes to school.

I guess i could go on and on...but i'm sure everyone gets the idea.

Now, i started this earlier...and i'm back from St. Rose now. Our little trip went really well. The girls had a good time and everyone was so excited to see them. I must look really pitiful with 2 kidos(one on each arm walking in the door) because everyone was trying to help me...opening the door...trying to help carry the babies out to the car, etc. It was really funny and since i'm really independent and hate to ask for help..i said no thank you to everyone. I know it's rude...but i have to learn to do these thing myself b/c sooner or later i won't have someone to help!