Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Cards

Well, i finally got ALL the christmas cards done today! I've been working on them furiously to get them done asap! I also got the birthday invites out today! AHHH...I feel so much better now! Now, it's time to plan the actual party! YIKES! WAY to much to do with christmas right around the corner! I can't believe i'm not only planning for xmas...but planning a birthday party too! UGH!

Anyway i'll post the actual xmas card in a few days after everyone gets the ones in the mail. It was really the only good pic we had taken at portrait innovations! It's soo hard to keep everyone happy and smiling in a photo.

Happy Tuesday/Wednesday Eve!

I can't believe next week my whole family is going to be at our house celebrating together! This is the VERY FIRST TIME We'll really get to hang out with my sister in law. Roland got married May 06 and we haven't seen him since because this past year everyone was either prego or getting ready to have babies. This will be fun and and i'm so excited to finally get to meet and really hang out with terra!