Sunday, December 30, 2007

Twincess Party

Happy First Birthday to my baby girls! This was one great birthday to remember. Thank you to all that came to celebrate the big day with us! Here are a few of the many pics of the special occasion!

Sarah on left. Sam on right...I think!

Out in the front yard with their cute little yard sign.
What would a party be without Balloons?! They stood their so sweet and still, posing for the camera!

Hannah LOVES to dress up and pose for the camera...don't you love her new rain boots? She loves them and wear them EVERYWHERE!

We had a Twincess party yesterday for the girls birthday! It was nice and everything turned out really well. Now i'm ready for a few weeks of R & R from all the people we've had at our house the past week and a half(no offense to anyone but i like to have a break from the rush for a while).

The party was fun, fun... but we really missed having Amy, Brian and their family over for the party(Hannah esp. did b/c she loves E,T, & N). Melody did stop by for a bit even though i warned her that the girls had been sick and had just taken their last bit of antibiotic(having premmies, you have to be really careful b/c of the chance of RSV and any other germs in the air). The girls are growing like weeds and just precious and soo sweet. Our neighbor Stacy & Rob also came over and brought sweet baby Adeline for a bit...we found out the exciting news a few days ago that they are going to have another GIRL! Congrats to them...we can't wait to meet her in May! Anyway, we all had a great time and everything turned out just as planned. The cake was AWESOME and the outfits were precious!

So here are some cute pics from the party. Sam just dug into her cake right away...Sarah had to have a bit of coaxing from Tara(our favorite babysitter or all time) and Bev(Tara's Mom). All Sarah really wanted to do was poke her fingers into the cake and not really try it. Samantha LOVED the cake just as she did the cupcake i baked a few days ago. They both LOVED the cheesy bread(seriously, they ate 4 pieces). We blew up the jumpie thing...but no one really jumped in it very long b/c it was so cold outside and overcast. Hananh had a blast
with her cousin Allison, as she always does...eating, playing, chasing and sometimes fighting! That's part of life though & i just hope they stay sooo close because we love Allison so much and love to watch them grow up together and be best friends! :)

Ok, here are some great pics!
A pic of all the cakes together...before the mess! These cakes were awesome! The lady that made them, makes tons for my MOMS group! She did such a wonderful job.
A pic of the big cake! The bow on top is foundant and tastes like melted marshmellows. Definitely more for pretty than to eat.Sam's smash cake above...Sarah's smash cake below! Everybody kept asking...those are for them? I feel like they should be a cake to share in itself. They were really big...and so cute. Sarah diggin in. I wish i had gotten a close up of the onsies...The onsies say "1 Sarah (on the front) and the back says twincess! Add that to the tutus and you have two sweet cute baby girls! Samantha diggin in...she probably had a belly ache from all the food she ate...UGH!Sarah delicately poking the cake! Soo cute!Sam wasn't so delicate! She looked like a pro at digging in and eating her cake!Hannah just watching the girls dig in to their cakes...did she eat any cake..NOPE. of course not!Melodies miracle babies..Sydeny on left, Katelyn on my lap...Sarah poking Sydney's buttons!Melody, Ben and all the girls...and me holding Katelyn! Katie is such a sweet little quiet precious baby! Me holding Katelyn, Sydney playing with Sarah...suprisingly Sam didn't attack or try to bite anyone! LOL!
This was MY favorite present...Melody made it for the girls. It's a bow holder. I had bought one already from the lady that makes my bows..but this one is just TOO cute! I already got rid of the other one.