Sunday, December 02, 2007

Moms of Multiples Socials

For the first year i made it to both socials with my moms of multiples friends. It was so much fun but such a long day/evening!

We started out Sat morning loading up the kidos to take to the chiildrens social. The girls had a blast showing off their walking skills to the other kidos. Hannah had a blast talking to santa and telling her all the neat stuff she wanted this year. Then we made some Reindeer food for Sanata reindeer for xmas eve since Santa will get milk and cookies the moms thought the reindeer should have some food too! Hannah did sooo well with Santa! She went right up to him and even said bye when we were leaving. Samantha did good too...she sat on Santa other leg. Sarah didn't like mrs. clause a lick. She was crying and really upset to be sitting on this foreign ladies lap! :) Either way, we got some pics with sanata and mrs. clause and hopefully next year will be better!

After that Hannah and i went to jcpennys to look for some cute bedding for her new bedroom set. No such luck...we have to order it on line and either pay shipping or have it shipped to the pennys close to us and go pick it up. UGH! I guess we'll probably just go to target to get something different b/c i don't have the patience to wait for weeks to get the darn bedding!

After that we came home and made a carrott cake for the adult social. Hannah just loves helping me she really had fun and go to help with everything except for touching the eggs! After that Paul stayed with the kiddos and i was off to the adult social. I had a blast. I saw one of my good friends Stacy and hung out with her and a few other ladies that have twins/trips that are the same age as the girls. We had a blast and the white elephant gift exchange was soo entertaining. There were a few gifts that have been regifted over and over again. Everyone was trying to keep the alcohol and starbucks gift cards going...i luckily took a bottle of "house wine" which was on it's last i got to keep it! YAHOO! All in all, the food was great, the conversation was great and it was just really nice to have a night away to hang out with some people that have gone through or are going through the same things as us having multiple children to raise at the same time. I was shocked to know that one of the ladies that was at the same table as me that had triplets...actually had NO help and was doing it all by herself since the babies were a week old. WOW...what a supermom she IS!!! I was almost embarassed to say i had help the first 6 months...but i also had a 2 year old to chase around at the same time!

Next weekend we are going to my friend Stacys sons 4th bday party. He's having it at buildabear which should be lots of fun. Hannah and i will go while paul watches the girls again! Then the following weekend is pauls xmas party and then the following week pauls family will be here....lots of exciting things going on these days!

That's all for now...Happy Sunday!