Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Happy First Birthday to my sweet baby girls, Sarah & Samantha! I can't believe the last year has flown by so quickly! A day year ago today you both were born at 10:30(Samantha) & 10:31(Sarah)! That was one of the best days of our life. In the past year our lives have changed drastically but in a great way. Our lives are never quiet anymore. Between you two and your big sister that is always some noise in the house. In memory of your birthday i'm going to write two individual letters to each of you.

Dear Sarah Sophie,

You are such a precious, sweet baby! When you born @ 10:31a on Tuesday, you were a mere 5.11 and such a small precious sweet healthy baby! I thank God everyday for you & your sisters! You were so healthy and came out crying. Although you two did have the twin to twin transfusion syndrome and you were all bloody and purple, you were very healthy. You and your sister looked like little porcelain dolls. We were very happy to be able to take you home with us right away!

Through this past year you have grown from a tiny baby to an infant and then into a little lady. You bring so much joy to our lives we couldn't have asked for more. Your personality is so sweet and innocent. Your big blue eyes could melt anyones heart.
In the past year you have accomplished so much. You learned to sit, stand, then crawl & walk so quickly. You were walking by 10 months, which i think is a big feat for twins that we born at 36 weeks. Your drinking milk like a champ now and you LOVE to eat. You and your sister attract so much attention from your precious smile and porcelain
doll like look...that sometimes it's crazy! Your dad, sisters and I love you so much i can't even explain.
Sarah, this past year has been so full of excitement, love, joy and well sometimes crying and sleepless nights for your dad and I, but i welcome every minute of it. I want you to know we love you soo much and more than you can even imagine.

Sarah, your dad, sisters and i love you always and forever!

Samantha Beatrice,

Today you turn ONE! It's amazing that a year has flown by so quickly! A year ago today at 10:30a on Tuesday, you came into the world screaming at the top of your lungs. I still remember the day like it was yesterday! You weighted 5.7lbs and were so precious and perfect in every way. In the past year you have learned so much and your personality has shined bright. You are a natural leader or maybe just a bossy big sister to Sarah. :) You have learned to sit, crawl, stand and then walk all in less than a year. You were walking by 10 months and now at a year you are really moving fast. You are such a delight and we all love you so much. You love to eat and try new things. You love milk, ice cream, green beans, bread, baby food, mac n cheese, french fries, and bananas.
Your personality is so different from your sister Sarahs. You are dominant, loving & sweet. You love to go riding in your long as you have some food. You love baths, riding in your new wagon, being outside and playing with your sisters.
Samantha, you are such a wonderful sweet precious baby and i relish every moment i spend with you. God has blessed us with you and i'm so thankful every day to have two sweet babies to love at once...and a big girl to love just as much. I look forward to the next year...i know you and your baby sister will grow so much and learn soo much in the next year.

Sam, your dad, sisters and i love you always and forever!