Thursday, December 20, 2007

To Every Higher Order Multiple Mom!

How do you do it? How can any one person handles more than 2 babies at a time? I have twins and they are two handfuls for sure. If anyone has any good suggestions about how to deal with the new exciting things i'm going through PLEASE leave me a comment. I'm dying to find out how most do it. If you'd like some examples i can give you a few or ALOT! LOL!

First of all we get up this morning and the girls are all happy and giddy...such sweet babies. So we let them play for a while...then all Hell breaks loose! I go to blow dry my hair and come out to food all over the house. The good part is that the food is all still in packaging. Halleluia! But none the less there is bread in the middle of the living room floor, baby food spread through out the living room and kitchen and who knows where else, a pack of zwieback bread under the bouncy chair, the box in their bedroom, pot covers spread through out the kitchen(at least these are still in the right room) and metal mixing bowls spread through out all my paper towels pulled out of the cabinet and i caught one kidos unrolling on roll. How in the world can two sweet precious babies make such a mess in the 5 minutes it takes me to blow dry my hair! All the while this is going on Paul put cartoons on for Hannah to keep her out of trouble for the few minutes i'm out of pocket. SO, she is watching all this go down right before her eyes! Must be nice and entertaining, if she's even watching! LOL!

So then i proceed to clean up most...but leave some because by now i don't even care because it's going to be messy now or later...might as well leave it all on the floor b/c that's on less thing i'll have to put up TWICE...RIGHT?!

SO then i proceed to unload the dishwasher..which is a HUGE challenge(i remember this stage with Hannah but i'm assuming it's double the trouble with twins...or at least i feel that way! So as i'm unlaoding i'm repeating myself over and over(I'm not going to lie and say i did this in a oh so sweet motherly way)..."Sarah, NO" "Samantha, NO"..etc.. Of course i wasn't yelling..but i definitely wasn't using my "inside Voice". So i unload the dishes in 2 minutes sharp...maybe less since i was taking everything out and throwing it all over the counter in a now, organized way...taking out the sharp items first and then the the rest disappeared and ended up all over the floor. UGH! So, after that i had to load the dishwasher! This is just as much of a chore or maybe even more. I have to keep the girls back while i throw the dishes in anyway i can...If you saw me doing may think it's amusing...hell i could probably win a 10,000 prize on americas funniest home videos!

Now, on to the fridge, which is another funny story! You cant' go into the fridge without both kidos running full steam towards you to grab ANYTHING they can out of the fridge and take off. I don't know what it is about cold stuff in the fridge that is so appealing. SO, in my house if you have to get something out you better do it in 5 seconds down pat or you've got to pull TWO babies out of the fridge..& normally as you are pulling out one the other is right back you have to somehow figure out how to pull both out at once. Normally you grab one arm of each and pull them away. I know it sounds bad...but it really doesn't hurt and isn't as bad as it sounds. BUT it's the only way to get both away and out of the fridge at the same time.

Anyway, Pauls whole family is coming in today so i have cleaning to do...that's pretty i'll probably wait till 5 minutes before they get here and throw everything on the floor in a closet somewhere in the house. Needless to say i'm going to be very preoccupied for the next 4 days or so. So, if i don't write again soon, Merry Christmas! I'm sure i'll have tons of pics and great stories soon!

P.S. SIX Days till my little angels turn ONE! Now if i could just get my things together for the party!