Monday, December 31, 2007


It's almost 2008 which means it's time to make some New Year Resolutions and stick with them. This year i've decided there are a few i'd really like to have and keep with them.
1. try to cut down on my yelling and loud voice
2. really try to be a better parent and have more control over Hannah instead of always negotiating...i'm not sure how to do this yet.
3. Be a better wife...maybe cook some instead of making my hubby cook every night.
4. Try to conserve some...cut off a bit more frugal...put MORE money aside for college for the girls...not spend so much money on the house..etc.
5. Cut back on's one and maybe my only addiction besides reading blogs of Moms of multiples that live in my shoes :>)
6. Be more conscious about what i eat...YEP that does mean try to loose some baby weight! DUH!
7. Not play on the darn computer soo much!
8. Cut back on i'm not a alcoholic but i drink a beer or maybe two with dinner most keeps me sane with 3 kids! LOL
9. Not be too much of a neat freak...learn to deal with a dirty house every once in a while...
10. RELAX a bit more...stop worrying about things i can't change.

OK, that's more than enough for this year...i'll let you know Dec 31, 2008 if i actually end of keeping with them the whole year through! Cross your fingers for me.

Other than that...i was thinking back on last year at this time. Talking about really living a nightmare! We had just gotten home with the girls...our house was open to the elements...and the whole side of the house with bedrooms was FREEZING b/c our contractor abandoned his job. WHAT A MESS! Maybe that's part of the reason i don't have very good memories of the first few weeks of being home from the hospital! It was really something i would never wish on my worst enemy! We were living in Hannah & the girls room, the girls were in the room with us and Hannah was living in the office. We used our now bedroom to put the changing table in(The bedroom we were in was so tight with a pack n play and a bed we jsut didn't have room) and i dreaded getting up in the middle of the night to go change a diaper b/c it was SOO cold in our real bedroom! We had plastic on the carpet b/c of the was an overall horrible situation. This year is SOO different. The girls are through their rough/crying stage...i'm much happier and feeling like a brand new woman with 3 beautiful more baby more being stuck in the house b/c i was scared to get out with 2 or even 3 kids. NOW i can take 2 or even 3 babies out at the same time ALONE! It's amamzing what can change in a year!

One thing is still the same...we are still going to miss midnight this year...i won't see the ball drop :) That's my life and i wouldn't change it for any amount of money!

Happy New Year to you and Your Family!