Monday, December 17, 2007

Some Cute pics..

This National geographic daddy has just makes me SLEEPY!
Me Too! Me too! I will just fall asleep anywhere these days. Give me some milk and a comfoy chair and i'm out like a light!

Pauls Xmas Party at Pappasitos! The girls LOVED eating the tortillas!
Some guys that work with Paul!
Samantha meeting Eduardos baby girl. She's 6 months...and talking about cheating...the girls got SOOO MAD and were screaming when Paul picked her up to hold her! It was HILARIOUS!
See mommy...we ARE PART MONKEY! Of course with the assistance of our big sis that pulls up something for us to climb on to climb up on the chair! Thanks Big sis Hannah! :)
Hannah the morning of her vomit episode...Poor Sick Baby!
Samantha's not going to be too happy about this one...she's running to the bathtub after dinner! It's the cutest thing ever...they eat and i strip them down as paul runs the water and awaits the naked babies!