Tuesday, December 25, 2007

One Crazy LONG WEEK!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! Today is a Day to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

Well, after 5 days going non stop, things have slowed down a bit. OR at least till Saturday, which is the girls Birthday Party!

I have to say, i'm exhausted! We started out the weekend with Pauls whole family coming in to town. Lots of people staying at my house and lots of chaos. I just don't think the girls like people invading their turf because the weekend found them pretty grumpy. Of course they don't really know Pauls family very well so i'm sure that was part of it. During this time they decided to not sleep pretty well...which is a whole different story. BUT most importantly they cried at night ALOT and Paul and i were at our whits end as to what to do other than let them "cry it out". Then on top of the crying all night the girls became sick...so to add insult to injury...we were really paying. To make a long story short, i took the girls to the dr., she gave me some meds and i PRAY they are better by their party on Saturday!

On another note, please send prayers out to one of our good friends Amy & her husband and family. She had her baby Solomon last Thurday and everything seemed fine. Very Very easy labor...and happy healthy baby. By the afternoon of the first night Baby Solomon started spitting up Bile. The did some testing at Memorial Herman Memorial City and found he had a preforation in his bowel. They had to put him in an ambulance and send him over to TCH to do surgery. They did the surgery on the 22nd and he is doing much better. Unfortunately he has a 2-3 week road to recovery in the NICU.

I have a ton of pics to add...but i'm exhausted so i'll add them later tonight!
Merry Christmas!