Thursday, December 27, 2007

Some cute pics from Christmas

Here are some really cute pics in no specific order.

Sarah eating a cupcake i baked a day late for their birthday! This was really cute!

Samantha just dug in to her cupcake! Kinda blury...sorry!
Hannah eating her cupcake! Or is she smearing it on her nose???
OOPS! On the nose it is!
I did this...she wanted more icing on her she looks like a icing clown!
This is our after Christmas mess!

Hannah and her new rain boots! SOO CUTE!
All 3 girls sitting at Hannah's table! They look like such big girls!
Samantha napping with Hannah on the floor...Just fell asleep in the middle of the floor! Samantha with her cupcake! She LOVED it!

MaMa, Uncle Jeff, Allison and Hannah...H & A were being goofy with the bows in their head!
Allison with bows in her hair...sooo CUTE!
Allison & Hannah...all cute in their xmas outfits.
Christmas morning...ANOTHER mess of wrapping paper everywhere!
Hannah being goofy!

Taking a ride in the choo choo wagon! Hannah got booted and is in the other wagon! She's such a good sharer! :)
Hannah wearing MaMa's glasses!
All the kidos in their new Mexican dresses...These are soo cute! Thank you MaMa...the girls love them! Christmas eve...opening presents with mom!
More pics of the girls opening up presents!

Their twin outdoor chair! It's the cutest thing i've ever seen despite the fact that Samanthat doesn't like it too much!

Grandpa Swinging Hannah...I'm sure she's yelling...higher papa...higher!
Uncle steve & Mama relaxing out in the backyard!
Samantha sitting in Hannah's big girl outside chair!
The girls playing under their little tykes play gym! The love crawling under's their secret hideaway!

Sarah's new hiding spot...under the counter! She loves this and does it all the time!
Sarah sleeping on Hannah...the love their Gracye..she's a GREAT pillow!
Samantha fast asleep on the arm of the couch...probably not a good idea...but she fell asleep and everyone always says..."never wake a sleeping baby"
Sarah playing on daddies chair with Sam in the backgroud fast asleep! Is the sleeping thing a pattern or what?
This doesn't happen often...both babies falling asleep on the couch! SOO CUTE!

Think that's all the pics i have for now! Enjoy & Happy New Year! This year we're doing what we always do on new years...maybe staying up past our bedtime...till 10ish...have a couple of drinks...put the kidos to bed and waiting for the dogs to go crazy from the fire crackers and gun shots! read that right...the crazy maniacs down a few streets away in the gheto get out their guns and shoot at midnight...scary right?! I'm thinking next year we'll start some kind of tradition with new years my parents house we always stayed up to watch the ball drop & ate tons of fritos and homemade french onion dip! YUMMY! I'm sure we'll figure out something by next year!