Monday, December 17, 2007

Dr. Visit

Well we went to the Dr. this morning and everything is ok. Hannah has some antibiotics to take and i made an appt for a urologist for Hannah. You wouldn't believe it but i can't get an appt till Jan 14th! Go figure! Anyway, hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon...although this morning she didn't have any problems peeing. UGH! It's always like this. One day she has horrible pain...the next moms intuition says:"Just go to the dr., it's not gone for good" with that i did! We also took her urine to Memorial we'll have the results, as before, by the end of the day. Then they'll see if it grows any bacteria and we'll get those results back in just a few days. The sad part is the first results they have in seconds...but it takes all day to get them back to the dr. I think they literally dipstick the urine and have some kind of results instantaneously! UGH! How annoying.

As for the vomit. Obviously she does NOT have a virus(knock on some wood) because she slept all night with me on the couch on her sweet little puking pallet(a ton of beach towels so if she puked it wouldn't get all over and easy to clean up). She woke up this morning bright and early and refreshed ready for a day of fighting with her sibs.

On another note, i baked peach cobblers ALL DAY yesterday. We're going to give them to our neighbors each with a pint of vanilla ice cream. Unfortunately they didn't come out as good as expected(the recipe calls for one whole thing of butter per 8 x 8 pan). It's really kinda buttery...but i'm still going to give them out as i worked on them all day and had no idea they'd be a bit on the buttery side. Hopefully some of the butter will dissolve and they will enjoy them.