Sunday, December 16, 2007

Vomit and a sick little girl

Well we've done so well lately i knew all good things would come to a sreeching hault. My story in a nutshell goes something like this: get home last night from Pauls party, put everyone to bed. Hannah and i went to sleep upstairs in her new room. She hated it and got up a couple of times last night whining and wanting some water. I KNEW i shouldn't give her any because every time she drinks water in the middle of the night Vomit happens. Anyway, so i gave her biggie...made her go back to sleep. THEN, she was whining and whining and wanted to go downstairs. SO, we went downstairs to sleep on the couch. She ran straight into the kitchen and grabbed her chocolate milk that is meant for the morning. She chugged the whole thing despite me telling her NO over and over in my sleep as i heard her sip it. THEN, she went back to bed. About 520a i heard what sounded like a river running...O DEAR NO! So to make a long story short she puked everywhere and now from what she's saying i think on top of the puking she's got ANOTHER UTI! I'm going to call the dr. this morning and get her started on some meds and then go take her for a urine culture tomorrow morning. Then we'll probably end up at a urologist(Hannah's been prone to UTI's for a while now).

I do recall now, when she was a baby and being checked out that the dr. said something about some part of her baby girl parts being inverted instead of the other way...but i swear he said that it would fix itself. The dr. she used to go to was a fruit cake and ended up who knows. Anyway maybe that has something to do with all the UTI's. I guess we shall see soon.