Monday, December 17, 2007

My House is being invaded by munchkins

Help, Help!!! My girls are destroying my house. They have decided it's fun to pull out everything is every drawer they can reach and then drag it through the house! Paul and I had decided it was easier to move anything dangerous(like chemicals and knives) out of reach of all children instead of putting kiddie locks on everything b/c we didn't want to destroy the beautiful cabinets we have in the kitchen. Plus on top of that there are really alot more pull out drawers than cabinet drawers.

So mainly this has caused my house to literally look like a tornado went through. My dilemma is, should i go through and pick things up right away OR just wait till the end of the day and do one big cleaning. Either way i really need some OT pay for this...LOL!!! Really, i have needed OT pay since Julia left...but i just failed to ask for it. So, Paul if you are reading this...i'd like OT in payment as SLEEP TIME. LOL!

On another note. the girls are doing GREAT on milk! They are on 3 oz milk/3oz formula...and then i give them just plain milk with each meal. They love it and drink it like it's going out of style. They love their sippy cups too...but still haven't gotten the concept that they aren't for play. They will sometimes take a drink and spit it out because they think it's funny. I can't believe we're still on the same $33.00 can of formula i opened up last week! HALLELUIA! Talking about saving some money. I even feel so rich i'm even buying the GOOD MILK...Organic! I'm sure in a week or two i'll go to the regular stuff...but for now i feel like my pockets are getting heavy from saving SOO much money on formula! GOD BLESS the cows that are providing us with milk! LOL!!!!!!

Think that's it for now..Hannah's doing fine tonight so i'm going to put her back in her bed. Sure hope she stays as i don't want to have t sleep on the couch another night...i miss my own bed!

O yeah and help me coutdown the last few days before my girls turn ONE! I can't believe it...i'm going to celebrate for THEM and for ME! For me because i've made it a full year with two children to care for...two children to feed, two children to love...all at the same time. I've feel like i've accomplished more in this one year than i've accomplished in the last 30 years of my life! I just can't wait to see what the next year holds for all of, talking, going on a real vacation with our beautiful family, trying to get back to a normal life...or what a normal life is for a parent of multiples.

SO, back to my countdown...NINE DAY..till we can fully feed them milk, turn their car seats, around, call them toddlers, etc.

I realize i haven't posted any pics lately, i have a ton in my camera and will try to put some up in the next day or two.