Sunday, December 16, 2007


Hannah is going better but not great. She's over the puking for the time being but her UTI is horrible. She can't really pee because she's scared and i have to coax her with anything to go sit on the potty but then she won't go. I made a dr. appt for tomorrow morning to go to the dr. and have a urine sample taken and then we'll make a appt to go see a urologist. I'm guessing but not'll probably entail an ultrasound or see why she keeps getting these UTI's. We're going to sleep on the couch tonight just to make sure she doesn't puke anymore. I'm so sad because i didn't get to see my friend Jaymie's new baby boy as i had planned(just in case hannah does have a virus) & we didn't get to go to lunch with my parents for my dad's bday...but what are you going to do?

Today was also very entertaining for me. The girls always have something new going on around here. It was really funny because i had these really warm hats and i put one on Sarah's head and Sam would go after her. She was just really feisty today. So they chased and chased and finally i stopped them b/c i was scared they were going to get hurt chasing each other. THEN, Sam decided to really try to get Sugar. Well POOR SUGAR does NOT like the girls...esp b/c she's so furry they chase her and pull her hair. Anyway, to make a long story short....Sam was running so fast attacking poor sugar that sugar finally bite her a couple of times...that still didn't stop her. We had to finally distract her to stop the madness. It was really really funny!

Think that's it for now...i'll update again after we get back from the dr. tomorrow morning.