Monday, December 10, 2007

Milk is on the Menu!

Well the time has come...or close enough that we are going to go ahead and start weaning the kidos off of formula! I'm so excited! I'm going to start today with 1 ounce of milk and 6 ounces of formula...then in maybe 4-5 days we'll go to 2 ounces of milk and 5 ounces of formula! Please wish us luck that they aren't allergic to milk and love it unlike my sweet big girl Hannah. I'm sure they will love anything has got to be better than that nasty formula! We'll see.

On another girls are totally turning into monkeys. They climb on everything. For instance today i caught one of them climbing on a diaper box to try to get into her crib. NO, it's not what you think...they don't actually like going to bed or sleeping in their cribs. BUT they LOVE to pretend like they are jail birds...look through the slats and shake the crib like they want out...or in for that matter. It's REALLY funny!

"Sarah is a baby...she can't stick up for herself and knock me off the box"

"Hey mom, check out our new game""HA HA...look at me now...i knew there was room for two as long as mom buys the big box of diapers"

I'm also attaching a pic of one of the cheapest forms of entertainment we have in our house. If you guessesd that they are wearing Jack in the box happy meal are correct. Who would have thought they would walk around wearing them on their heads like hats...when they don't even like hats! Soo funny and cute!

"Shake your hands in the air...and wave them around like you don't care"

This weekend we went to Camerons 4th birthday party at build a bear. Hannah had a blast. I have a ton of pics but i'm only going to put a few of my favorites up. Hannah had so much fun hanging out with Cameron and Allison & Riley. They were all so good at the well behaved too. The mall was packed but luckily we got there early so it wasn't so bad until we were leaving! This was Hannah's 3rd party in two months...and we've skipped 2 or 3 because we've had other obligations...i can't imagine what it's going to be like chauffering around 3 kidso to different bday parties all year long!

Can you get any cute than this?? Hannah holding Hands with Cameron and Cameron's other girl friend McKayla
Stacy & Birthday Boy Cameron

All lined up at the build a bear showing off their new fancy prizes

Hannah Loves Camerons Grandma....Camerons Identical twin sisters...Allison & Riley...they look like little dolls they are so precious!

Birthday boy blowing out 4 Candles!

Lastly, as i was typing this(maybe 5 minutes of typing) the girls we getting into MORE trouble! Calgon...take me away! I have an idea of what kind of day i'm in for today!

Seriously...this was not a set up. They really do know how to drag that ride on toy over to the chair and climb up. We will be moving the chair to the sponge area as soon as dad gets home from work.

Bad bad Sarah & Samantha. Samantha taking a break sitting in the box of toys...Hannah decided to do the same...what a precious big girl!