Friday, November 30, 2007

Our Christmas Photos!

Here are a couple of the "action" pics we had taken at Portrait Innovations! LOL!...
This one is my sweet angel escaping out of my arms...not wanting to sit up straight! Bad Hannah! HA HA!! This one is deer in headlights...neither of the twins smiled the entire session!
Escaping as quick as their little feet would take them!
Sarah was the first to escape... nice pic of all 3 sitting down...not smiling but at least sitting! :)

Well, after Hannah pitched a fit and i bribed her with anything and everything i could...we got a couple of good pics. None of all 3 looking at the camera smiling...but what are you gonna do? That's life with 3 kidos! Right? While we were waiting for our pics we decided to make our way over the james avery b/c i wanted to but Hannah a bracelet for xmas. SO, we were in there paying etc. when a lady walked in with 2 little boys. TWINS, who were just getting ready to turn 2. I saw my life in a year...and boy it was frightening! Those two cute little boys were ALL OVER THE PLACE! YIKES! Paul kept saying...that's going to be you in a year! I know i know...o dear what have i gotten myself into! LOL!!!

Anyway on another note...i'm going to attach some pics from our xmas pics.