Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy Late New Year!

This week has been crazy for us. Paul worked Suday, Monday & was finally off for a family day Tuesday. He's been really busy switching over the system at work. On Wednesday Allison came over...and she'll be here everyday till Friday. Talking about lots of fun and lots of girly stuff. My house is FULL OF GIRLS! GIRLY GIRLS at that! Lots of purses...lots of changing clothes and wearing new outfits...even some comparing what kind of undies the girls each have on for the day! Pretty funny stuff! Samantha has been following the two big ones around...trying to be a big girl herself. Mom & dad came over yesterday to help...but today mom wasn't feeling well so i told them to just go home and i'd be ok. SO, i'm taking care of what i consider two sets of twins...but not really. Hannah & Allison are so close it really is like they are twins too! Anyway, we've had lots of fun and Hannah just loves hanging out with lets see how long it takes the giggling little girls to take a nap today! HA HA!

Other than that, not much going on. The girls are STILL sick. They are acting a lot better than they were i'm not so worried about it anymore. Samantha is spitting up/puking some...but i'm sure it's just from all the congestion in her chest. They should have started school today...but since they are all snotty and congested...i'm going to wait till next Tuesday.

I have some pics to add...i'll try to get them added sometime in the next day or so.

O yeah please keep praying for Amy's little boy Solomon...he's still pretty sick. I took them a casserole the other day and stopped by to say just seems so quiet and not normal in their house...of course it was because the kidos were all sleeping...but normally their house is so full of giggling and noise...the fun noise of having 3 kids in your house. Tuesday that wasn't so. Hannah keeps asking questions about Amy's baby and why he's not home from the hospital's really hard to explain to a 3 year old that a baby is sick and won't be home for a please pray for baby Solomon.

Happy New Year to you and Yours...and let this be a Blessed year full of Love, Peace and Health to all!