Thursday, July 10, 2008

Prepping for Pre-K!

As early as it may seem, school is right around the corner. I received in the mail, just yesterday, a calendar of all school events for the entire school year! I was EXHAUSTED and frustrated just looking at it! I mean, how do these people think that a normal family CAN pick up a child every Friday at 230p? Not that that is a big deal for us, since i'm a SAHM. But in all reality, most families do have two working parents. Then the question of how to lug my other two children around to all of these events and things that parents have to be a part of because you have to donate 3 hours of your time per child per year & promise to raise at least 300 dollars per kid per year. Kinda annoying, but i know we will manage, as we always do. With or without help. Esp since we are not as fortunate as most, to have my parents knocking my door down to come help with the kids or just come see them(i think after i gave them a good chewing a while back, they feel like they do their time once every few weeks by calling to say HI!) What great parents i have...Right? And Pauls parents live so far away it's just not possible.

Either way, As days roll closer to school starting, i have mixed emotions about my Baby going to Pre-K! I KNOW she really needs that extra push, since her bday is so late in the year. But the more i think of it and the closer it comes to that big day, i'm sad. It's hard to let go of my daughter, 5 days a week. And although sometimes i want to pull my hair out from all the screaming, crying and fighting in our house...I'm truly going to miss her sooo much! She's been with me since she was born(i've probably missed a total of 7 or 8 days of her life, and 4 of those were while i was in the hospital and 3 were when i went on my one vacation to see my girlfriend in KY years ago). She HAS gone to MDO since she was 1, but only twice a week. Not 5 whole days, like she will be now. The house is going to seem, in a way, empty, without her here. NOW, i KNOW it won't really seem empty, as i have two more babies around to entertain me...but i won't have Hannah. She is the one that i can have an entire conversation with...even if, sometimes i don't listen to the whole thing since she talks MORE than I DO! She is the one that helps me with the girls. I guess it's just going to be weird. But i know all of this is part of growing up. I just wonder how time went by so quickly these past 4 years. I feel like i missed something...

Anyway, all this brings me to my next point. PRIVATE SCHOOL is expensive. Goodness gracious i don't get it. Where does all the money go? Then to add insult to injury of paying all this money to the school, you STILL have to go out and spend money on uniforms. I, myself, went today to purchase Hannah's first school girl uniforms. Almost 300 dollars later, i bought her 1 jumper, 2 pairs of shorts, 3 white shirts(different kinds), 2 red shirts, 2 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of pants & 1 skort. So that evens out to about 25.oo per piece. The good news, is that they all look pretty big..almost too big for her. SO, we will definitely be able to squeeze 2 years of wear out of these clothes.

I'll post some pics i took of her in her first uniform a bit later. The clothes i bought, SWALLOW her! I know she's small..but goodness, is she really THAT small?

Anyway, her first day of school is Aug 13th. But that is a parent/child day. Then real school starts Aug 14th and they go to church Aug 15th for the first time as a class. I wanted to go with her on that Friday..but i'll have to miss till the following Thursday since the girls won't be in school Friday and there is NO WAY i'm taking them by myself to sit by Hannah. That would be a nightmare!

That's all for now. Hope everyone has a great Friday and great weekend! No plans here. Just trying to get my ducks in a row for hannah's big birthday party! We going to have it at one of those jumping places this year. Should be fun. I invited her entire class..not sure how many will show up. Either way, it will be fun..this year it's all about her and her friends. Now, my mission is to find a great present for my big girl. I'm thinking a personalized jewelry box...but she said she wants a laptop computer like mommies computer! LOL! Pretty funny little girl i have, right?


Cheryl Lage said...

Such a time of great nostalgia!
Guess what? The expenses don't go away once you make the transition to public school (if you are plannning to make that transition).

ALWAYS expenses...oooh, and the fun of times two! ;)

Know your sweetie will do great!

debi9kids said...

Wow! It's just amazing how fast it whizzes by, isn't it?