Monday, July 28, 2008

A little bit of this...a little bit of that!

We had a great weekend...but for some reason i'm STILL EXHAUSTED! Friday night we went to Red lobster as i stated before. Saturday, we went to the circus and then Saturday night we had date night. Samantha came over about 7pm to try to interact a bit more with my antisocial twins! :( I feel sooo sorry for her. She's sooo sweet and we just adore her, but boy, my sweet baby girls DO NOT like her. I think she feels soo bad. SO, we put the girls to bed as usual and headed out for a dinner out on the town.

We went to McCormick and Schmicks which was YUMMY! I had never been there before except for a drink with my friend Jaymie, years ago. The food is delicious! We ended up sitting in the bar because the place was PACKED and most people had reservations(we didn't)! So, we ate, had a few drinks and then i had planned to walk next door to this new fancy cup cake bakery to get a THREE DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENT Cup cake. Yeah, um, we probably can't afford those on a daily basis. But it's the new crave in town, so i thought we'd share ONE! It was almost like someone was watching out for our figures, because the darn place was closed by the time we left the restaurant! DARN!! Anyway, we ended up going to jack n the box to get a shake on the way home b/c we didn't have the right amount of change to pay Samantha! It was a fun time...but in my loss of weight i also became a MAJOR light weight. I had a funky semi fruity drink and then a beer...and i PAID all day on Sunday! YUCKY! There is nothing like having a hang over and trying to do your motherly chores! OMG...that DIDN'T WORK! I felt HORRIBLE and SOO TIRED ON SUNDAY! I'm seriously going to have to re-think drinking all together or plan on sleeping the next day through.

SO, Sunday i got up and then laid down on the couch until 11am! YEAH, that's right...ELEVEN IN THE MORNING! I was SOOO SLEEPY! The poor girls wanted to play so bad, they piled covers upon covers on top of me(makes me wonder how i could breathe under all the covers)! Paul took a pic and thought it was hilarious! I have NOT been that tired in AGES! I don't know if it was the drink or the fact that i've been going full throttle for a while now and i truly need some kind of break. I told Paul, i'm seriously contemplating just taking a vacation on my own. Driving to a spa and staying the weekend...or flying to a beach somewhere and staying the weekend. I know it's kinda self-fish. BUT, i haven't had one day of my own in years. Paul does NOT get it. He thinks when i drop the kids off a MDO, that's a day OFF FOR ME! Well, it's NOT! I still have to go grocery shopping, come home, re-organize, keep up with buying diapers and wipes and anything else we need. Then i always have to come home, do laundry and dishes. Then most of the time as soon as all of that is done, it's time to head BACK up to school! So, in all reality it's not a vacation. NOT CLOSE! So, i really need a break...and so does Paul. So, since we don't really have a babysitting option yet, we're going to do separate vacations and then hopefully by next summer gma & gpa myers will be able to watch the kidos!

Anyway, after i finally woke up Sunday at 11am, we decided it was time to go on a search for a new camera. My camera is very out dated and the pics aren't all that good, so we were on a serach. We started out buy a very small camera that they had on display. Red flag SHOULD have been...if it's on display and it doesn't work...DO NOT BUY IT! Well, what do we do? We bought it because Paul really wanted a small camera and had veto'd all my other cameras. Through the past few years i have become a camera freak and i did have a few wants in a new camera. Here is a list of the things i had to have:
1. FAST(for some reason every time i whip the camera out and get started i can take one pic...but it takes FOREVER to load that pic before i can take another one.
2. Video
3. Easy to use
4. Good Zoom
5. Semi-good pics...they don't have to be professional grade..but i don't want to spend 100 bucks on a camera and have crappy me a camera is worth more than many other things...they capture memories that are priceless to me. I will never be able to re-capture these days of small children.
6. Be able to video and zoom in and out while videoing
7. FAST FAST FAST!! Yes, i already said that..but that was my TOP PRIORITY!

SO, we got home with this camera(i don't even remember the brand). Bust open the box and take a few pics. The sales guy had promised me it was fast. UH, NOPE, it was as slow as a turtle. Slower than the camera i HAVE NOW! SO, i took it back and got the big mama i wanted! I LOVE it...and the best part, SO DOES PAUL! He was playing with it yesterday while i was catching up on the chores i blew off yesterday morning while i was sleeping...and it does some cool stuff. For instance, it has this button to flip it to and it won't take a pic until the person smiles! It's really nice. The screen can be propped up or down so you can lower the camera and still see what you are taking a pic of on the screen! It's pretty cool! I think we made a great decision, Paul just didn't want a big camera to take with us everywhere. SO, we compromised and we will take the small one when we go out and keep the big nice one for at home and special occasions!

Gracye taking a nap...she sleeps upside down in the corner. Hannah & Sarah snuggling!Hannah vacuuming the bottom of the carpet...i'm a bit a freak about the stinky dog laying on my rug...don't know why it's already disgusting from my three kidos. Anyway, so every night before we go to bed a part of my OCD pattern is to make sure the carpet is flipped up so the dog won't sleep on it...well she still sleeps on it...just on the backside. SO, now i have to vacuum, BOTH sides of the carpet! Yep, i am a bit of a freak! Cute babies...L-R, Sam, Sarah & Big sisSarah & Hannah...Count Down till Ms. Hannah's BIG DAY = 4 days!


Lisa & Gerald said...

wow I hope you are feeling a lot better from your busy weekend hehehehehe!