Friday, July 25, 2008


Here a funny story for the evening:

We went to eat at Red Lobster tonight. Hannah BEGS to go there ALL the time. I honestly think she just likes saying "red Lobster" but either way we hadn't been in a we thought it was time for a lobster run. Well, we get seated, another family with one little girl sits by us and then another big family sits right next to us. Anyway, a hostess brought over a couple of older people(should i just say they were old, retired, and probably over 65) and they looked over at all the kidos in our section and said: "this is the kiddy section, we don't want to sit over here!" LOL! Ok, so there is a point at which you are just plain rude...and i think that lady had gotten a gold star. I don't mind people not wanting to sit in the kiddy section if there are a bunch of kidos making tons of racket...but to be quite honest, ALL the kidos were being really quiet and if she hadn't seen the kids, she would have never known they were there! I mean, she seriously made it known in front of everyone that the section we were sitting in was the KIDDY section! LOL!

After this incident i was talking to Paul and asked if there'd be a chance we'd be like that when we got older b/c we had done our share, had our kids and wanted a bit of peace and quiet. Paul said, "probably not, because we KNOW, we're not the ones going home with that we can deal with a bit of roudiness!"

Anyway, all in all, our trip to Red Lobster was actually really really nice. The girls were on their best behavior. There was one man at the door that was totally gawking at the twins...then talking about Paul being bald and then proceeded to tell him how he was TOTALLY outnumbered by girls. Well, he ended up being sat right by us. He was really nice and funny! THEN it happened...the girls started their normal yelling marathon. It was kinda funny. I ended up having to put my hand over Sarah's mouth because she'd scream, then Sam would scream and on and on. It was a crying scream..just a "let's see who can scream louder for longer before mom tells us NO, scream". The guy was laughing at the was funny...but we finally got them settled down. I guess it could have been worse. They could have been crying instead of yelling... Being a parent, yelling doesn't bother me AS much because it's not a unhappy yell or's a "let's play a game", noise.

Check back later! Hannah and i are getting ready to head out the door to the Circus! I'm SOO excited. We're going with our moms's going to be a blast. She's finally at that age where i truly think she'll enjoy it!


Unknown said...

that IS rude! sheesh! esp since all the kids were being nice and quiet then!

I LOVE Red Lobster too, but there's only one in our area and its not the we don't go there often. :-(