Saturday, July 05, 2008

Independence Day!

Some fun pics from the weekend! Paul pulling the girls on the red wagon!Lunch time and a first for Sarah...she ate a HOT DOG & loved it!
Um, i think Sam got a hold of the entire cheeto parental supervision there! Just the dog waiting for the cheetos to hit the ground!
Sam eating lunch...she didn't like the hot dogs...she must be a vegetarian!
Hannah on the water slide!
We had a little festival out in the backyard. Water slide, jumping thing & 2 baby pools!
Poor Gracye had to be tied up to the jumpy thing...she has to be on a leash for 6 more weeks! Poor Gracye!
Hannah pulling the girls around in the wagon!
Or at least she tried!
All 3 girls in the wagon! Don't you loved the refurbished red wagon? Paul took my old wagon from when i was a baby...and refurbished the entire thing. We even kept the old wheels on it!
Yep, that's mommy taking a dive onto the slip n slide. I flew over the whole thing and ate a bit of grass! :) What can i say...i'm still a kid at heart!
Mommy & Hannah!
Sam & Mommy!
Sarah & mommy!
A kiss for Hannah!

Just a note: those dresses the girls were wearing were actually Hannah & Allisons dresses from mothers day 2 years ago! The girls look precious in them!


Shawn said...

What a fun weekend! And, I'm majorly impressed with your slip n slide abilities! lol Love that you fessed up to eating grass. It rained here the last two days but this evening started looking up! Hoping we can have some summer fun tomorrow.

Lisa & Gerald said...

Looks like lots of fun !!!!!
you guys look great!!!!!
Have a great summer!!!!!!

Tonya Staab said...

Your backyard is kid heaven. How fun. Look at all of the wonderful space they have to run around.

Love the dog waiting for the cheetos.

jay_say said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! My boys just love to splash in the sprinkler... guess I should try a slip n slide...

debi9kids said...

OH my! You are way to sexy & fun to be a mom!!! (esp. of twins) HOT MAMA! (LOL)
Seriously, I am jealous! ;)

Looks like a fun time! Loved the set-up for the kids in the yard! How fun!

cat said...

Love your dog. Is it a chocolate labrador?