Monday, July 14, 2008

Info on Bleach in bathtub

Here is the info on putting Bleach in a bathtub. My dr. gave me this...

Still kinda freaks me out and i forgot to ask about the what if''s? Like, what if one of the girls takes a drink? BUT, i'm kinda laid back now with think of this. It's like taking a baby in a swimming pool! Every once in a while the baby probably gets a BIG drink or two when swimming...and bleach is just like chlorine. I do remember swimming and accidentally inhaling water sometimes. SO, this is my finding. My dr. said she had a patient that found all of this info on the Texas Childrens website..i looked and couldn't find it. BUT, i didn't look too hard.

Treatment of Staph Aureus Infection
Shower with liquid Dial Antibacterial Soap daily for 1 to 2 months. DO NOT BATHE.
Shower using PhisoHex 2 times a week. Lather PhisoHex on all areas of skin, including scalp. (Being careful to avoid eye area) Leave lather on for 5-10 minutes and rinse.
Wash all towels, sheets, clothing etc. of the infected person separately after they have contact with those items.
Wear cotton underwear and change them frequently(change diapers very frequently), and use a separate pair for day and night.
For 7 days treat entire family by putting Bactroban on a Q-tip and applying it to the inside of the nose twice daily.
1/8 cup household bleach to bathtub, soak for 15-20 min. 2 to 3 times per week.
Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis is an important predisposing factor for chronic colonization of the skin, and therefore recurring staph infections.
It may take as long as 1 year to totally get rid of the Staph on the skin, in someone who has eczema.
Oral antibiotics are required for major outbreaks.

Today i took Sarah back to the dr's office to be checked out. The bite is much much better! The antibiotics have kicked in and we're on the way to being healed. She said i should not worry about the bleach baths YET, but if we have another bite incident like this we're going ot have to take some precautions. One would be swabbing all our noses with the cream for a week. Many kids get staph from noses/fluid(for lack of a better word..Snot is the biggie). I took the girls all by myself today. It started out bad b/c Sarah got mad because i dropped Hannah off with Paul. But, she wasn't too bad once we got in the office. It was really funny that the poor lady that had to hear my girls screaming last week actually *thought* about weighting her. I said "do you really have to weight her again?" She said "no". Thank goodness for her own sake. LOL! The girls played with the toys, and unloaded and reloaded the toy basket a few times. Everything was just fine...until we were on our way out and i grabbed some lolipops..BAD IDEA! What was i thinking? I was NOT going to give them to the girls until we got to the car but they didn't understand THAT at all. But, we made it out in one piece. I could do two kidos again by myself. I'm not sure about three. Probably not. My head would be spinning 200 miles an hour trying to keep up with three. Besides, Hannah had fun with Paul. She did tell me three or four times that "next time i go to the store i need to buy some crayons and markers for the shop". She said "all daddy has to color with are four big highlighters". LOL! Talking about one demanding little girl. She had a blast either way...and daddy even put together a little booklet of sheets for her to draw on when she was up there. I think it's nice that now that she's older she can go up to work and hand with daddy...even if for just an hour or two every once in a while. It makes her feel special!


Unknown said...

Thanks for your note! We are excited and a lot of people tell us that the 2 year gap is perfect...not too close, not too far apart. That's reassuring. I'm also relieved to be going from 2 to 1. I do have a good friend who had her son, then found out she was pg when he was 4 months old, with TWINS! So, the girls were born when babe #1 was only 11 months old! whew! She's doing an amazing job (she was an early childhood teacher, now stays at home)!

I love already that we have twins - they do get along well and have so much fun together and I love the thought that there will be 3 of them to grow up, close together. Neither my hubby or I grew up close with our siblings - our families are spread apart with big age gaps in between, so its nice to know our kids will really grow together. :-) That's exciting for us to see.

Hope the staph infection clears quickly - I'd be afraid of a bleach bath, too, but the comparison to chlorine makes sense...good luck!

Unknown said... hubby's name is Paul, too!

jay_say said...

So glad to hear that the bite is getting much better... thanks for the info on bleach... I had never heard of that before... glad you asked first.

Jamie said...

I've heard of using bleach,but I think mostly because my husband is a pool operator and said its basically the same as chlorine!

I hope she's feeling better soon!

debi9kids said...

Thank for clearing that up about the bleach. Now that I have read it, you are so right, just ike the pool.
Hope her foot heals quickly!