Thursday, July 31, 2008

Not even sure what to title this one....

SO, you are definitely reading since i didn't title this blog! Today, was above and beyond the worst day we've had in AGES..crying, puking, pooping, nothing can compete with my day today! It all started last night at 2am! I was awaken to my hubby telling me his head was killing him...then he said he had to puke and went running to the bathroom! Out comes lots of hacking and yucky unmentionable stuff. No big deal, just a virus-i can totally handle the kids for a day, no biggie. YEAH, not exactly. At 5am, his head was STILL hurting so bad he didn't want me to talk. Progressively it got worse. I decided to pack the girls up, take Hannah to school and take the girls to Target(assuming when i got home, he'd be a bit perkier)! NOT at all! Every time i went in and asked how he felt..same answer...still puking and head was hurting so bad he could hardly move. Finally it hit poisoning! He called the guys at the shop and told them he would not be in for sure. I kept's going to get better, it has the hours past by it seemed to still keep getting worse. Finally at around 2p i went in and told him he better take that phen i got for Hannah after her surgery. He finally decided after not keeping anything down for HOURS that i WAS INDEED right. So he took 2, which is for a normal adult. Puked 30 minutes later...UGH! I went to get Hannah got home and he still felt horrible. I called my parents and they were my SAVING GRACE! They came over, fed the girls, played with them and took care of them for HOURS...while i took him to the ER. Luckily we have these new Handy Dandy makeshift(for the lack of a better word) ER's. They are not part of hospitals...just little emergency care clinics. This one was just like a real ER! It was awesome....we were the ONLY people there. Walked right in, taken right back, waited on IMMEDIATELY. They ended up taking blood, 2 bags of IV, Cat Scan on his head just to make sure he didn't have a blood clot or anything, and 2 shots of morphine. The place was immaculate and i'm happy we went. I don't care how much it was totally worth it. Paul was SOOOO dehydrated it was pitiful! He still feels horrible...but we got home and he's sound asleep now. He was to take his meds at 10p...but i'm not waking him up. I just can't. He was in sooo much pain that to me it's harder for me to go in there and wake him up than it would be to wake a sleeping baby. I just want him to sleep peacefully!

He has salmonella poisoning from those nasty tacos he gets next door. I guess(or sure hope) he doesn't go over there anymore. Tommy, his manager, also ate over there that day and said he was sick too. Not puking..but the other end. SO, he had to get sick from that nasty food. OMG, this was the most expensive 50 cent taco we've ever had. I'm furious and i'm seriously thinking about reporting them to the health dept. Something is not right...and they are going to end up killing someone with the food they are cooking there. Paul told me to leave it alone..but he KNOWS i'm not the type to do that. I'm SOOO going to report this little taco dive hole in the wall to the city! I hope and pray they shut them down. I don't care who looses their job...if they can't cook right then don't freakin cook at ALL! For heaven's sake, they could have cost me more than a ER visit and 120.00 worth of meds! I'm SOO ANGRY at that crap hole place! What if he had fed that food to my daughter??? OMG, i can't even fathom what would have happened...BUT, luckily i would NEVER let her eat that no worries there.

So, now at 1040 i'm still wide awake. Paul is asleep and Hannah is sleeping out on the couch with me...the girls are all tucked in and it's time for bed. I just hope and seriously pray that Paul feels better in the morning...It's been one hell of a day for him! In the 5 years of marriage & 2 years of dating...i have NEVER seen him so sick...NEVER! It's horrible!

That's all for tonight...i'll hopefully finish up my birth story this weekend...tomorrow i have to try to make arrangements for food for Hannah's party, take her back to her pedi podi(if pauls better or my parents come back over) and back her cup cakes and try to help her have a great bday, even if her poor dad is sick as a dog!

I really need some extra strength these days...i thought and felt like i was falling into a rut. AND, the rut just keeps going and going and going.

TTL ER visits:2
TLL Dr visits: TOO many to count
TLL surgeries:1
TTL vomits in the house: who knows....

You get the picture!

I never thought i'd say this...but i'm soooo thankful for my parents tonight. They really seemed to prove me wrong. They really jumped right in and helped. THANK YOU THANK YOU! I needed help today like never before. They came in, took over, fed the babies, fed the dogs, took the girls outside(got suckered on that one), and just kept the house going even when we weren't here! I even told Paul like 10xs, "i know this is horrible to say, but it was almost nice and like a vacation sitting in the ER. It was sooo peaceful...i almost forgot i had kids for a few seconds there" Ok, that's bad to say, but i got to sit and read some magazines w/o a child tugging on my leg or crying..or anything! Bed time!


Lisa & Gerald said...

Hope your hubby's feeling better soon!

Harris Boys said...

omg...poor hubby. FP is NO fun...hope he is feeling better today. what a few weeks you guys have had. thank God for parents, huh? they always step in at the right time. Have a puk free weekend!!

Unknown said...

Yuck! I know its awful for him, but sort of glad to hear it's FP and not a virus that you'll all pass around. Poor daddy! hope he's doing better and you all got some rest.

Oh, I love your new header for Hannah! how cute!

jay_say said...

Wow... what a day! Poor hubby... but I agree that it's a good thing it was FP and not something that will spread through the house.

I understand about the vacation thing - it's weird to be without the kids. The funny thing is they've only been around for a short time but can't imagine life without them!

Jamie said...

Oh my goodness! I hope that he's feeling better and that you've gotten a bit of a break!!!