Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Four Years ago Yesterday!

Hannah was due! I ended up being FOUR days OVER DUE! Yes, I DO thank my lucky stars. I didn't, at the time. I wanted her to come sooner, than later, as i was SOO big. Two Hundred Pounds and in the Middle of a Heat Wave, seven hundred dollar electricity bill and we had had enough. My doctor was very "let this happen by itself" back then. I was NOT happy. I wanted her out...and every dr. appt. i went to the last few weeks...i had my bags packed and ready to roll. I would even stop on the way to stuff my face full of salt hoping my blood pressure would be soo high, they'd just send me to the hospital! BAD ME! Sad part was, that didn't even work! I'd go in, Paul would drive like a crazy maniac everytime. I'd assume my blood pressure would be SOO high, there'd be no way he was letting me out. Then, he'd make me lay on my side, my blood pressure would go down and i'd be sent home AGAIN! TO sit and wait, over and over again! It's so funny, but everyone thinks they're going to have that first baby early. Granted, some do, then some have them WAY too early(i know all about this through Melody), and then there was ME! I now know, indeed, i was lucky! It could have been different. I could have had Hannah way to early. Now i don't whine or B&$ch about it.

Now that Hannah's 4th birthday is getting closer and closer i'm starting to think back on those last few days. The last few days of a quiet house with nothing to do besides lay and bake my baby in my belly. OHHH, if i had only known what my life would be life FOUR years later! LOL! I laugh because i LOVE it! I hoot and holler about how exhausted i am, how i don't get to sleep in, how we don't get to take those awesome vacations anymore. BUT, then i think about a quiet house and i know that is NOT for me. I can't even stand here and type and imagine no children in my house(as i stand at the bar because i can't sit on the couch or they'll attack me). :)

I'm going to work on Hannah's birth story. It's very ironic because having her was actually much more traumatic than the twins. Weird, i know. I still wonder why. I mean i know why(which you'll hear all about later), but it still blows my mind why there were more complications with one child than with two.

Here's a pic of our LAST VACATION by ourselves. It was NOT as relaxing as it looks(LOL). We actually took our first born with us to the beach(that would be our, not so smart chocolate lab, gracye). BAD IDEA! We took her off her leash on the beach. BAD BAD IDEA. She was running through the water drinking salty was as she ran. She got so sick, i almost made Paul drive us home and throw away all our money we had spent on this beach house rental. It was HORRIBLE! There is now way to put this lightly, she was pooping water! DO NOT ever let your dog drink the salty water...they get pretty sick! Goodness, it was bad. After a few days of pooping and dripping water out of her behind..she was FINE! UGH!
Here's me with my baby...YEP, me at 200lbs! I just wasn't a cute pregnant woman! Cute clothes couldn't help me here! They couldn't help me the last month or two! LOL!Here's our new family...

Stay tuned for the entire birth story in the days to come!


The Synnott's said...

you put some effort into that post and pics. love it... 4 years goes by fast huh... i ready for it! :-)

GibsonTwins said...

Can't wait to hear the birth story- I always enjoy these kinds of posts! Love how you did the header for Hannah's birthday, that is really neat!

I was born 14 days late, I can't even imagine having gone to my due date with twins let alone anything after it! I used to try to trick the docs too and make them keep me. But in reality, if I had delivered even 2 weeks sooner I would not have my baby girl alive. That's what really gets me now, all those days of wishing it over to realize how naive I was.

Great post!

Cheryl Lage said...

Love how you've got all the pictures up on your header now, and I have to argue, I think you were an ADORABLE pregnant woman! :)

Looking forward to the future story... :)

Harris Boys said...

aww brenda...what a sweet post. I don't even remember what my life was like before kids and that was only 20 months ago...lol.

can't wait to read about her birth story, more tramatic than the twins...hmm, should be interesting!

*side note* glad you got a new camera, looks like its taking some good pics :)

happy tuesday!

Harris Boys said...

check out my blog, I gave you an award :)

Lisa & Gerald said...

happy Belated Birthday Hannah!

Jamie said...

Four years flies by doesn't it??? I love looking at your pictures! And I love your new header!!!