Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Who are these Children living in my babies beds?

This morning was like no other morning. I got up, took a shower, and still no babies crying ready to get out of bed by 545a! WHAT? I almost thought someone got in last night and kidnapped my children. I literally had to stick my head in their bedroom just to make sure everyone was ok! Then i was able to go get all the clean dishes out of the dishwasher and put all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher! AMAZING! Finally about 620a after the creeking of the dishwasher door, pans banging and plates clanking around...i hear a cry. The girls MUST have been exhausted! I mean, EXHAUSTED! How on earth did the sleep so late? Whatever it was, i must do it again!

BTW, a few things.

1. Hannah's foot is much better. I took her to the dr. yesterday(she got to skip school AGAIN). He said to give her, her meds for 3 more days and stop. The redness should go down pretty quickly. If it gets big again, come back in and he'll check it out again.

2. Gracye goes to get her stitches out today. YEAH! She is NOT liking the leash and Paul having to take her out to go potty. She is pretty much back to her old self. No major limping or anymore screeching from running around the corner to bark at someone through the front window. In all reality, only 4 weeks left of being on the leash!

3. I'm working on a great post about Hannah's last 4 years..and adding tons of if you don't hear from me for a few days(which is highly unlikely) but that would be why.

4. I'm reading a few books about raising and parenting twins and one book was explaining the difference between fraternal and identical twins, etc. I think the girls are mirror image twins. If you have mirror image twins i'd love to hear from you. The reason Paul & I BOTH think this is because Sarah is right handed and Sam is left handed. Now, i think there is a chance that this may just be b/c they haven't chosen which hand they really use etc. But it seems like, by 18 months they should know which hand works better. i'm going to have to do some research on mirror image twins.

Happy 4th and look for a posting soon on Hannah which will include TONS of pics!


The Binstock's said...

Can't wait to see Hannah's post!!

I have to tell you this...Ashlyn sat on the potty last night and was soooo excited about it! Who knew??!?!?! I heard her "grunting" asked if she wanted to go on the potty and her eyes got huge, pointing to the potty and totally talking to me in such a serious voice. She didn't go on the potty but it was really neat to see how excited she was!!!

I told daycare today and here she is trying to potty train two 2 year old girls and my girls go in the bathroom with them--but she has never put them on the potty. I hope she does now!!! Even though that makes her VERY busy! But if my girls see other little girls going---it might help out alot!!!

I'm definitely not going to push them, but I am going to ask them if they want to sit on the potty at night.

Ahhh...the day of no diapers...whatever shall I do???!?!?! :)

Harris Boys said...

6:20 that is really early for us..the boys usually sleep till 7-7:30..we've been lucky.

can't wait to see/read hannah's post. we think the boys 'may' be mirror imagine twins too...just my gut, but I need to do some more research as well. we're not even 100% sure they are identical. so confusing..we'll need to send off for dna testing.

Unknown said...

My B/G twins aren't mirror image (obviously) but my hubby works with a guy who has MI daughters - same's left handed, one's right. One has a mole on her right shoulder...the other on the left, etc etc...Kind of neat! I had never heard of such a a thing before we were pg with our twins!

Jamie said...

Isn't it always amazing when they "sleep in"? I love those days, because it just seems like you can get SO much done!!!!

I'll be watching for your post on Hannah!

I'm glad your puppy girl is doing better too!