Friday, July 18, 2008

Christmas In July...

Last night we had our MOMS meeting. Oh, how i love going. I really enjoy talking to other moms and hearing all about their adventures. Last night was a special night. We had our Christmas in July party. That included a ice cream social(which is always good for those dieting, LOL) and our Christmas in July raffle. It was awesome and i went prepared with an extra 30 dollars to purchase tickets for all sorts of Raffles, which included anywhere from a awesome USA map for small kidos to a pedicure at a fancy spa to a portrait gift card worth one hundred dollars. Oh it was awesome. Then we had a bidding war on a few high priced items, which included a party planner that would put together a princess party, provide a big blow up jumper and princess themed cups. party plates and napkins, along with those we had one of our moms generously donated her hubbies time for a portrait session...Aeric is a high priced awesome professional photographer. I had to bid on that one because he has done pics for us before(when i was prego with the twins and he offered a 700 dollar portrait session for 25 people for FREE, yes, seriously FREE) and I LOVE his pics..BUT, the lady next to me outbid me and i had already made arrangements for another fellow mom to take pics of us i couldn't see keeping up the bidding. I ended up winning a really cute sterling silver bracelet, which i gave to Hannah...but it didn't fit.

Anyway, although we didn't have a true meeting this month we still had our "sunshine" ladies come up and talk and i kid you not, we have 3 or 4 sets of triplets on the way. Oh WOW! That is AMAZING! All in all i had a great time! I really need to go more often, it's such a relief getting out and hanging with other MOMS! I have to brag and say that no one had seen me in a few months and everyone was SHOCKED at how much weight i had lost. TTL to date: 45lbs! Yeah, i guess that is a lot of weight on a 5'1 frame.

Check back soon for pics of our outing and family pics i should have tomorrow..maybe!


Brad & Alyssa said...

okay lady---how are you losing all of your weight??!?!?!

Sounds like you had a good time! I wished our MOMS group did more---I have tried to get more things going but it definitely takes more then me!! Plus I am one of the only few working moms out there. Oh well! :)

Lisa & Gerald said...

sound like all the moms had a great time!
Oh Im so happy for you 45lbs that you lost Way~To~Go!

Carrie & Brook said...

Great job on the weight! WOW!!

Sorry to hear that the girlies are sick...I hope you are able to keep Hannah well before Tuesday.

Can't wait to see the family photos!

And, thanks for the award! :)

Enjoy the weekend, Carrie

Gibson Twins said...

awesome on the weight loss- amazing! i need to get moving more so hopefully it will cool down reasonably soon so we can get back to our neighborhood walks again- i miss that- its a huge time killer!

thanks for the info on kohls- its a ways away but its near our favorite mall so might have to make the trip! haven't been there in forever! (btw yes you were right they were all carters). i'm not allowed to go back there til we *need* fall clothes. ugh.

Hope surgery day goes well, remember your camera!

have a good weekend!

BoufMom9 said...

WOW! 45lbs is just incredible! Well done!!! WOW! I knew you were looking more & more fabulous, but I din't know the actual numbers...HOLY!