Monday, July 07, 2008

MORE pics from the weekend...

We are working with 2 camera's these days. We did return the one we bought in Fl b/c we ended up using damprid to get the water and moisture out of my old camera. It works fine but the date is all messed up on my old one. It just isn't the same since the water dunk. Plus now the card reader is breaking and cracking...that is NEVER a good thing with as many pics as i take in one day. So anyway, we are dumping pics off of two cameras and it gets kinda confusing sometimes. I just noticed these were still on my camera!

Here are some from lunch on the 4th!

Sarah on left, Sam on right.
What would 4th of July be w/o watermelon??? I remember that watermelon was ALWAYS a part of our 4th of July bbq's!
Sarah's mouth is FULL of watermelon! Yes, that is watermelon dripping down the front of her dress. Literally all the way down to her BEE-BO(belly button, but if you read sandra boyton'll know the b-bo book i'm talking about).
More watermelon...
MORE WATERMELON! The girls love fruits...i guess that's a good thing although i think they could just eat fruits and not eat anything else!
My sweet big girl...she didn't want any watermelon. I do NOT think she's our child...if she didn't look soo much like me, i wouldn't believe it. She is soo weird about her food intake. She'll pass up chocolate and ice cream for soy beans and more soy beans. We actaully provoke her to eat food by saying: "if you don't eat your rice and meat you can't have your soy beans"...SOO FUNNY!

This was Sunday, coloring with crayons...or eating them.

Hannah wearing daddy's shoes!
AND THEN, there were FIREWORKS! While fireworks are technically illegal and if caught you CAN be fined...every once in a while i feel the need to break A rule. We actually bought these at the Walmart in FL, where they were selling them when we went for memorial day. Normally we wouldn't even have access to buy them because the police will sit on the county line and wait for you to cross, since the fireworks stands are right on the line into/out of the county. Anyway, to make a long story short, we didn't have to go buy them at a stand since we already had we didn't have any massive a matter of fact none even left the ground. So, we poped a few...but Hannah got scared so we'll do the rest NEXT year. Plus we wanted to spread them out so we'd scare our poor grumpy old neighbor that hates us...more than once! LOL!!!

O yeah, our neighbors a few houses down had a massive party and were popping too..i don't even understand why it is illegal in our neighborhood since our lots are all SOO big and our yards were pretty wet from the rain. Plus we water everyday since we are hooked up to to a our yard is in no way close to dry. Paul even put together a little makeshift "launch pad" which i thought was pretty cool!
Hannah was spinning the girls around on the chair in the office yesterday...glad no one puked!
Then they all decided to color some..
Or should i say eat crayons instead of dinner!
Their hair looks a tad like a mullet...but it keeps the hair out of their eyes..and no more bam bam hair do's for a while! :)
This is my neighbors' family! Amy is one of our really good friends...our kids play together a ton. How cute is this 4th of july card? Baby Solomon is doing great and growing quickly and such a happy baby. They came over yesterday to see our floors, as they are thinking about putting slate in like we did. Of course, i tried to talk her out of it, but i think she has her mind made up. Everyone loves the look until you are walking on it. It's nice in some ways...but i hate that it's never really smooth...but it's also a nice good "pedicure" for your bare feet! LOL!!


Harris Boys said...

great pics brenda! my boys love watermelon too...they can't get enough. your fireworks looked cool, hope ya'll had a nice 4th!

ps our crocs are fake and ethan loves them. I got them for $4.99 somewhere I can't remember. Andrew hates them...go figure!

Carrie & Brook said...

Glad to hear that my kids aren't the only ones who eat crayons. They seriously don't have any interest in actually coloring...just eating!

Carrie & Brook said...

We can't even see fireworks here until around 3am because of the daylight! They are illegal, as well. The big "firework day" is New Years Eve.

I can't believe we forgot the watermelon this year! I didn't even realize it until I saw those dripping pics of the girls! Too cute!