Saturday, July 26, 2008


Hannah & I went to the Barnum & Bailey Circus today! Just the two of us and my MOMS group! We had so much fun! It was really the first year she could sit there and really enjoy the show. Here a pic of my sweetie pie, who by the way, is about to turn FOUR!!! Amazing that time flies by SOOO quickly!

A pic of Hannah & ME! Hannah's mouth, full of pop corn! We both ate our own box of was delicious..but talking about messing up my diet for one day! We had popcorn...i had a coke, then on the way home we were starving so we went to McDonalds and i had a cheeseburger...I can't remember the last time i ate a cheeseburger from mckie D's! It was OK! One more pic of me and my big girl! Before the show we were able to go back and see the animals! It was tons of fun..but PACKED full of people! Another shot of the elephants!The zebra's were so cute!The pony!The horse in the cage! One more shot of hte zebras!My favorite part...the clown and a acrobat on these small but VERY HIGH poles...they did all sorts of tricks! It was soo neat!This is one more of the first lady climbing up the pole!
The clowns had a massive party!
The clown party again!
The elephants!

Loved the elephants!

Paul did a great job with the girls while we were gone. He took them to play upstairs in the playroom, then they went outside and swam and the topping on the cake...he EVEN DID THE Laundry! Can you believe it? What a awesome, multitasking daddy! O yeah, and i came home to everyone happy and smiling. DADDY GETS A GOLD STAR TODAY! YAY!

Tonight Paul & I have a date night! SOO MUCH FUN! Not sure where we're going to eat yet, but i think we're going to try something downtown! We haven't been downtown in YEARS! I think the last time we did go downtown, was pre-baby! SO, at least 4 years ago.

This upcoming week is going to be crazy. I have to start getting my ducks in a row for Hannah's big birthday party! So far we have about 19 kids coming including my three! Should be fun and a bit crazy! Um, i think i'm going to need a vacation after this party. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. I still have to order a cake/cup cakes, order food for the kidos and adults, go buy drinks, get together some party favors and i haven't even ordered Hannah's birthday present. Plus i have to take her back to the dr. Tuesday to get her stitches out.


Harris Boys said...

what a fun time for hannah and you...some quality mom and daughter time :) I love the circus and can't wait to take the boys. I think 4 is a good age for it, don't you?

she looks to be having a great time, love the pic of you 2!

good luck with the b-day planning..I'm sure everything will be perfect and she'll have a great time :)

have a great week

Lisa & Gerald said...

looks like you and Hannah had a great time at the Circus!
Hope you and your golden star hubby
had a great date night!

Courtney said...

the circus huh... i bet it was a blast. i can not wait to do thise things!!!