Sunday, July 13, 2008

TOO many Dr.'s TOO many Meds...

I can't believe how many times i've been to a dr.'s office in the last few months. It all started with Hannah's foot. Then another foot apt. Thirdly was the girls shots. Then the ER trip. This week i have to take Sarah back in tomorrow morning at 815a b/c we're not sure if the swollen part is going down or not. THEN, Tuesday i'm back at the dr. with Hannah. THEN, soon Hannah will be back at dr.' E's for HER shots.O yeah, and did i mention i'm probably going to have to take Hannah to the hospital Tuesday to get that darn little thing lasered off her foot? OMG! Let's see, how many dr's appt.'s is that??? TOO MANY TO COUNT! This all makes me exhausted just thinking about it! Oh, how i hope this is it! I don't know how many more appt.s' i can take. Tomorrow i'm taking Sam with me and dropping Hannah off at the shop to hang out with Daddy for how ever long it takes. I've even been teaching her how to answer the phone..Do you THINK daddy will let her have one try at answering the phone? Maybe, maybe not. I guess we'll see!

Anyway, i talked to Sarah's dr. this morning again b/c i went to look for the cream the ER nurse told me to put on Sarah's ankle twice a day. I thought it was just a OTC med. Not so. SO, i had to call Sarah's real Pedi on a Sunday and have her call in another script. UGH! This morning was CRAZY! I sat at Walgreens for TWO hours b/c Sarah's dr. was actually at the hospital checking out a brand new baby of one of her new clients when i called. So, i sat and sat...but that's ok. Finally 2 hours later i have the meds. When i talked to her about the whole bleach thing...she said that that is not something i should do today or this week..but a long term solution! OMG, bathing my children in a bit of bleach...WEIRD! I guess we'll see. I'm not keen on it..but whatever the dr. thinks is best...i will do as long as that is what the dr. orders.

Here are the pics from this morning..It's still the same. I did draw another circle around it so to make sure it doesn't get any bigger. I think we're going to make it through w/o going back to the hospital for a IV! AMEN to that. I couldn't imagine sedating the poor baby to give her an IV!


Harris Boys said...

OMG you poor things and poor babies...I'm just now reading your other post. I hate going to the dr's too and I feel like we spent the last 2 months at the pedi's office. I know exactly how you feel....poor little girls. hope this week goes by super fast and that all your girls start to heal and feel better.


The jones Family said...

That is a lot of appointments! I hope you have a notebook to write everything way I could keep track of what each doctor said about each patient! Good luck and hope you get rid of the staph quickly!

Lisa & Gerald said...

hope she's feeling better soon !
Hugs to her!