Monday, July 21, 2008

The dreaded surgery tomorrow morning 8am!

Hannah has her surgery tomorrow morning at 8am! I was ok with it...until today. I mean not really OK with it, but today i was really upset. The lady at the surgery center called...asked me a few questions, reminded me not to let Hannah have anything to eat or drink after midnight. Then i proceeded to ask her if i could go into the OR with her and hold her hand until she fell asleep! She told me NO! WHAT??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I have to let some strangers roll my daughter back into a cold white room that smells like bleach, i'm sure. OMG, it's going to be tough! ALL i want, is to hold her hand until she falls asleep for goodness sake! Why can't i do that? She is MY daughter! Anyway, i'm mad and upset all in one. The lady on the phone asked me if she'd be ok to go back with dr. F? I said, "well, she knows him..but she's THREE for heaven's sake...i have no idea how she's going to react when she's taken back there!" I mean, I will be strong for her...and we've been talking about this little surgery for a week now....but she's THREE, who knows if she understands what i'm really talking about. I'm scared she's going to be bawling as they roll her down the hallway and i have to stand there and let them take her! What do i do?? I can't confort her..i can't hold her hand...i can't do anything for her. My heart is broken. I just don't understand why they won't let me back. I'll update tomorrow when we get home...not sure how long it'll take or when we'll get home. Pauls taking the kidos to school, so i get to take his big ole truck to take Hannah. I told him that'll work just fine...Just in case she pukes...she'll puke in his car! LOL! Ok, not funny...but kinda funny!

On another note, i went out to pick up some second hand sheets for Hannah's toddler bed today from a nice MOM that was selling them cheap...goodness sheets for toddler beds are pricy! Anyway, as i was leaving i decided to get gas out in the burbs since it was WAY cheaper for some crazy reason. Around here i've paid up to 4.10 a gallon, out there it was 3.87 a gallon. Anyway, i pull up to the pump. Stick my cc in and start filling. I always click the little thing and then go around to the girls and talk to them and hang out so they aren't too bored. So i'm standing there...50.00 and it turned off. NO WAY! I have a massive suburban that fills up on way over 100! So, i grab my cc and have to repeat the entire process...take the thing out of my car, plop it in the gas thing, then swipe card, then pull the gas thing back out to put in my tank, then pick cheapest grade and start filling...WELL, low and behold it stops again at 50.00! By this time i'm MAD! NO, I"M FURIOUS! Do these crazy people NOT realize you can't even fill up a honda civic on 50.00 these days? We LIVE IN TEXAS...WHERE EVERYTHING IS BIG...EVERYONE DRIVES MASSIVE CARS...NO ONE CAN FILL UP ON 50.00 unless you have a fuel efficient hybrid. Which if you are LUCKY! I'd love a smaller car..but with the gas as pricy as it is...we would never be able to get rid of our suburban! NEVER! Plus, i honestly love the thing. Anyway, so i was REALLY REALLY mad by then. Do i get in the truck...say bad words in my head and move on. OR, do i do what i really wanted to do and go in there and yell at them??? Well, i did the second! I had the windows rolled down...the register was right by the i went in and tore that mans head off! Not literally, of course. But he got a few ears full! I started yelling and asked him why i couldn't keep filling around 100.00, he said they had a freeze or something...i honestly couldn't understand what he was saying b/c he had a bad accent. Anyway, i then yelled at him..."i have a CC so that i DON"T HAVE TO COME IN, I HAVE THREE CHILDREN IN THE CAR!!!!" He said "sorry, sorry, and i guess he just re-set the pump. I assumed it ment to just swipe the card and move on. NOPE, he just turned on the pump and then i had to GO BACK IN AND HAVE HIM SWIPE MY CARD! OMG! That poor man...he is probably still deaf from me yelling at him. I'm already in a bad's been a rough month in general.....and the sweet side of me is gone for some reason. Perhaps too many dr's appt.s in one month...perhaps b/c all these crazy things have been happening to us lately(dog surgery, er visit, hannah surgery, haven't had a vacation alone in 4 years, etc). Anyway, i went back in and gave him my cc...he ran it as i was yelling some MORE! There was a guy in the little shell station looking at snacks or something...he was LAUGHING his head off and shaking his head as to say i was totally right! It was pretty funny! I guess, at least my kids didn't hear me yelling! Of course i came back to the car and i had to take a deep breath. I mean, seriously people. This is one of my major pet peeves. When gas is almost 4.00 a least make the limit 100 total...not fill with 50 and start over...and over. I'm over it now...but i will NOT go back to that gas station. At normal gas stations the pump doesn't even cut off at 100...why would anyone cut their pumps off at 50???

Allright i'm done hooting and hollering about that darn gas station.

BTW, Let's hope dolly doesn't come towards us...Goodness i feel like she came out of no-where! I think she's headed to S. Texas...but you know how these weather guys are..they never really know what's going on!

O yes, THANK YOU for all the sweet comments about the family pics! I really think they came out great... The lady that took them is sending us a disk of all the pics. Being outside, really seemed to make a difference. I think we'll have to use her more often! She has she KNOWS how to work with kids!

Have a great week!


Lisa & Gerald said...

will be thinking of her today for sure! sending hugs & kisses your way!

Brandi said...

She'll be in my prayers.

GibsonTwins said...

Here is (maybe) the reasoning behind them not allowing you back into the OR with Hannah. Sometimes (NOT ALWAYS) kids have reactions to anesthesia. Ryan had 3 surgeries, 2 that nothing happened and 1 that he had the "typical" anesthesia freakout (basically he just shook a lot and fought the mask until the anesthesia kicked in). It is COMPLETELY NORMAL, however depending on the doctor and anesthesiologists, they might just be trying to guard you from feeling worse about the surgery. But thats only one of many reasons why they are saying no. Could just be hospital policy or infection control reasons.

I will be praying for you and Hannah that you have a calm and easy day as possible.

Oh and the gas situation, that is so strange! $50! That wouldn't even fill up my itty bitty g6! What crap :( Guess they'll have to raise the limits for gas station mc/visa purchases (currently here they are set at 75 and 50 which wouldn't do anything for an SUV!)

*I really really hope I did not scare you by telling you about Ryan's surgeries, if I did, I am SOOOO SORRY. I just don't want you to go through that, or anyone else for that matter. And I will not be offended if you don't publish my comment, I will totally understand. I just replay the 3rd surgery over and over in my head at times and I literally want to vomit afterwards, but then again the other 2 surgeries were PICTURE PERFECT, we held hands and I kissed him til he was asleep.