Friday, July 11, 2008

Pathology Report

A few people asked questions about my pathology report. I fail to answer most questions b/c i never know if i should just post back on that blog i wrote or update the blog or just all together make a new blog(So if i don't answer your questions ever, you can either email me at OR repost the question if i forget! :) SO, for those of you that are intersted in the pathology info. What i did, was call my OB and ask for records and the lady just faxed it right to me. I'm guessing you can either call your OB, who should have your file...or call the hospital where your babies were born and ask the people in records there. I was very determined to get the results b/c my dr. had always said that the results were very conclusive etc. Besides, i PAID FOR THOSE RECORDS! SO, don't be bashful...if you want to see your records...they are YOUR records...bug them until they give them to you!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.