Wednesday, July 09, 2008


check out the following blog for info and details. This is legit!

Now, ya'll know i LOVE LOVE comments. SO, please, if you find this contest invite here...PLEASE PLEASE leave me a comment. Just so i know. AND if you are a's just as good a time as any to delurke! :)



Cheryl Lage said...

Thanks for spreading the word! Can hardly wait to see who wins the stroller...I was VERY suspect about the legitimacy of the offer, but I actually spoke with the Chicco folks PR agency rep yesterday, and they are VERY excited to get the word out! Other sites are going to have similar contests, to keep your eyes and webhopping peeled!

Have a great day with those cuties!

jay_say said...

Cool contest... my twins are almost 5 yrs old so I have no need for a double stroller. We had a duo and gave it to a friend that had a second child. But thanks for helping spread the news.

Harris Boys said...

I want this stroller...I entered yesterday..we don't own a side by side and I would LOVE one...