Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another dr.'s appt & LOTS OF PICS!!

I had to take my sweet Hannah for a physical today, pre-op! OMG, i wanted to strangle everyone when we got out of there. Let me tell you about our appt. It was a WASTE of time. Can you tell i'm annoyed? We got in, they weighted her(still THIRTY POUNDS...which i think is wrong BTW, i think she weights almost 32), took her height 37.5 inches, and head circumference. Then the dr. came in, checked her heart beat, checked her ears, throat and that was IT! WHAT IN THE WORLD??? Why did i need to waste my time or GAS on that one???? I JUST took her in a few weeks ago for the same thing when we initially took her to the dr. for the foot problem! I was very annoyed. Thirty dollars, 45 minutes and missing her snack at school...later, we were one our way back up to school! My pedi said she did ask the dr. if he could wait till her 4 year check up(which by the way, is in TWO weeks. He said no! SO, we'll have her surgery on Tuesday...then go back to him the following Tuesday for his check up after surgery and THEN take her BACK to her normal Dr. the FOLLOWING week for her 4 year check up! Seriously, i LOVE my daughter and it's not her fault at's just so frustrating to keep going to SOO many dr's appts.

Also, S & S are sick on top of all of this. AND YEP, i DID indeed take them to school b/c we pay for it and they didn't have fevers! LOL! Call me a bad parent, but i'm going to get my moneys' worth out of that school one way or the other. Esp. since Hannah's(bless her little heart), has been missing soo much school lately AND she WANTS to go. She told me today, she misses her friends! Poor baby! Now, the best part out of all of this..i get to spend a bit of one on one time with her. I didn't even realize how much i truly missed it until today. We were sitting in the dr's office and i got to hold her on my lap and READ HER SOME BOOKS in peace and quiet! It was AMAZING! I miss that soo much about having 3 kids. I mean i love all my kids...but they all probably lack a little one on one time because there always seems to be someone screaming in our house. Not crying, just fighting or screaming. How can you possibly read a nice book to a child when you have another kido screaming or tugging at your leg?

Anyway, we read a few books, so that was really nice. Then i dropped her off at school and went to Kohls to buy some cute white shirts for our family pics this weekend. A fellow mom is a photographer and had sent out an email about taking pics out on a golf course for the day...she charges 100 for 30-45 minutes and gives you the entire disk and photo shops 3 or 4 pics. I think it's a great deal. I've seen some of her work and she takes awesome pics. PLUS, who could pass up a on location portrait. I'm really excited. The girls are all wearing jean shorts and white shoes. And Paul & I are wearing white shirts and shoes. Hopefully his feet won't show or i'll have to give him a mani/pedi sometime between now and then! YUCKY!! LOL!!!

Seems i haven't added pics in a here are some of our latest pics.
Hannah with her heating pad on her leg...soaking up the attention!Her new uniforms...they swallow her! Not very cute either! Of course she can wear anything and look cute! But just very plain clothes...My little princess..Hannah & SarahThat shirt is just way too cute on her! My 3 sweet babies!Playing in the kitchen!Playing nicely together! SOO CUTE!Playing in the kitchen again! Don't you wonder what they are saying to each other???Hannah in her pj's!
Posing queens! Sam is learning to pose.
Me and the twins..Hannah is going to be a photographer...she took this one!
And one more of mommy & the twins...Mommy took this one...I think it came out pretty good!Hannah fell asleep just like this. Yes, that is a ball on top of her head!Hannah & her heating pad!
Another pic of Hannah & Mommy! Hannah & Sam! All 3 girls...they are too cute!I said bird..and they all looked up!My poser...

Mommy & her girls...don't mind Hannah's non matching outfit. She's not good at matching yet!
Bad sitting on top of the couch! You put your bottom ON the couch!
One of the few moments of sharing...THe boo boo...2 days later! It's getting better!


cat said...

Cute pictures! I also can not understand the way doctors think we can just come and go every week or so. Why not consolidate appointments? Or is it just the fact htat they can charge every time and complain abpout too full schedules.

Lisa & Gerald said...

That would suck going to the drs so many times and not doing anything different well you guys are there ~ love the pics of the girls so cute in their dresses!