Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Surgery Date for Hannah-next Tuesday!

Today we made our way back to the pediatric podiatrist for another look at Hannah's foot. I had an idea that we'd need the surgery...we do. The Pediatric Podiatrist just can't figure out what is wrong with her foot. What is wrong with the feet in our family??? First Sarah gets staph on her ankle and now this.

So, Hannah will have surgery next Tuesday. I was fine with it, until the lady from the surgery place called and started asking me tons of questions. Is she allergic to latex, allergic to this and that...have any sort of history of anything....lots and lots of questions! Then it kinda hit me like a rock. My baby is having surgery...surgery that includes gas to knock her out. Surgery that includes anesthesia, HOLY SMOKES! It's out patient surgery...but surgery none the less. I know she will be fine and i'm so ready to get rid of this thing on her foot. It's causing her some pain...it worries me and now they can biopsy it and see what it really is this time. The dr. also said there is a chance it could come back..but we just have to take that chance and see.

So, Tuesday morning Paul will take the kidos to school. Hannah can't have ANYTHING to eat or drink before hand! POOR BABY, can't even have water. Then i will take her up to the surgery center. I'll stay with her the entire time. And then she'll come home and probably crash. The dr. said he usually puts a couple of stitches in the wound, but with her being so young, he'll probably leave it open to close on it's own. I'll just have to bandage it up a few times a day. She'll have to wear flip flops to school for a few weeks...and then all should be fine.

I'll add some pics tomorrow! The dr. picked at it for a while..but just couldn't figure it out. And Hannah was a bit apprehensive about him messing with it. A few times i thought she might cry...but what do you promise a big girl that loves lipstick??? Lots of lipstick if she is a good girl and lets the dr. do what he needs to do. Thankfully she forgot about it as we rushed from the dr's office to school so she could make it to water day. We made it just as the kidos were getting lined up to go outside. YAHOO! Hannah was soo happy!


debi9kids said...

OH! Poor Hannah! I am sorry she has to have surgery.
I hope they are able to really figure out what the heck it is! Poor girl!

Lisa & Gerald said...

We will be thinking of you guys!
Hope Hannah feels better soon!

cat said...

Goos luck with the surgery - will be thinking of Hannah (and mommy) on Tuesday.

GibsonTwins said...

Good luck with the surgery! She will do fine, the hardest part is the mom anxiety and if you want to read about our surgery experiences (3 total) from last summer, its going to post on July 18th on my blog.

Ryan had gas all 3 times he had his surgeries and he did pretty well. Just do what you think is appropriate even if it is not what the nurse thinks (this is from both a nurse and mom perspective that I say this). If you want you should be able to walk her back to the OR and stay with her til she's out. I have had one good and one bad experience with that part.

We will be praying for you guys! Keep us posted on how she does!

The Binstock's said...

Poor Hannah!!! I wish her (& mommy) the best of luck!!! I'll be waiting for an update!!

Jamie said...

Awww! Poor girl! I know how you feel about surgery on your baby! I know everything will go great though, and hopefully now you'll have answers as to what on earth it is!!!!!

I'll be praying for you guys!!!

(you'll have to go check out my blog! You've been awarded!)

The Adventures of Carrie, Brook, Finn and Reid said...

Yikes! Sorry to hear about the surgery. Although it's not a fun process, I think you'll be surprise how quickly the kido will bounce back.

Finn and Reid had surgery to repair their hydrocels and inguinal hernias when they were 4 months old. The worst part of the whole ordeal was witholding formula from them for 12 hours, since they were still eating every 3 hours (and at nighttime). We were in the recovery room for about 6 hours total (for both kids since their surgeries were performed one after the other), and once we were home, you'd look at the kids and would never know that they had just had surgery and were put under general anesthesia. It was crazy how fast they bounced back.

Reid will have general anesthesia for the 5-minute ear tube insertion, which I am not pleased about...but I don't think there is any other way. Nonetheless, now that we've been through this before with a more complicated surgery, I am not as scared.

I do hope that they find out what in the world is up with her foot! The poor girl!

We'll be sending you good thoughts on Tuesday from AK!


Harris Boys said...

poor sweet little thing...I know how scary surgery can be, even just the simplest procedure. I'll be thinking about you guys...hope this takes care of it and it doesn't come back. hannah will be a little trooper, I'm sure of it :)