Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hannah's new Shoe!

***NOTE*** A few pics below are not for sensitive's just stitches..but it kinda grosses me out****

We went to the dr. today to have Hannah's stitches checked out. Everything is fine. The biopsy came back just as the dr. had suspected. He said it probably started out as something small entering the skin(something in the grass she stepped on or poked her) and then the body kept thinking it was still there even after it disappeared. So, the body kept protecting it with more skin even though there was nothing there anymore. He said it was good that we cut it off though b/c it would have kept coming back over and over again and causing Hannah pain. Hopefully now that we've cut it off it won't come back.

Dr. F ordered Hannah this new cool shoe to wear(don't even know or want to know how much this cost) until the stitches are taken out, hopefully next Tuesday. One more shot of the's kinda big, but the smallest size he could find.
Another shot of the foot! My Little poser! Obviously she feels WAY better now!
Stitches on her ankle! Her foot is a bit swollen...but not bad!YUCKY Stitches...should come out NEXT Tuesday! YEP, that means ANOTHER dr. appt for us...and then the following week she gets her four year shots!

Here are a few shots from Yesterday. This is Sarah, convicted of eating lip gloss. Lip gloss, Hannah left out somewhere, where her sisters could find it, put it all over their faces and all over the couch. The couch was totally my fault! I was staring right at them..but from the bar/counter, i couldn't see what they were doing...until i got a closer look at my greased up, sparkly couch!

A closer shot of lip gloss! I did call the 800 number on the lip gloss b/c they used the whole little compact full of lip gloss. The lady said it was non toxic. As i noticed the amount on the couch, i wasn't so concerned anyway. Luckily a little soap and water got most of it out. Next couch we buy WILL be a leather couch! You can wipe anything off leather!
And Sarah was SOO proud of herself...showing me the lip gloss on her hands! YUCKY!
Samantha was right along with her. Yep, she showing me the lip gloss on her finger!
And on her face!
Nope, none in the mouth! Thanks for showing mommy, though!


Brandi said...

Yep,cool shoe alright! Glad she is feeling better already.

Funny about the lip gloss.

Lisa & Gerald said...

Im glad shes feeling alot better and her foot looks good no infection yeah!!!!!

cat said...

Seriously, leather is a big yes for kiddies. Just watch out for sharp objects.

The Adventures of Carrie, Brook, Finn and Reid said...

Sweet shoe! Will she be ready for her birthday party?

We have been couch shopping for awhile and I refuse to look at anything besides leather. We have a microfiber stain-guarded couch in our family room, which I LOVE, but it still does not have enough stain guard to ward off two toddler messes.

SouthernDogwoods said...

Hi! Thank you for the comment. Your daughters are adorable! Yes, please add me to your blog roll & I will add you. Thanks again!

Harris Boys said...

so glad miss hannah is feeling better...those stiches don't look too bad...have fun at the dr's next week...I bet you feel like you live there.

hope you guys have a great weekend!!!