Saturday, August 02, 2008

Ten Posts to work on...BUT Had to get Hannah's bday post up TODAY!

Pics of Hannah's party...see post below!

Cute pic of Daddy with the birthday girl!
Daddy & Hannah waiting patiently for the party to start!
Hannah waiting patiently..look at all the jewelry!Daddy sliding with one of the twins!Mommy sliding with one of the twins!Melody and Ben sliding with their girls. I think i almost rammed them b/c i went down right after they did. I made them test it make sure it was safe for us! LOL! Just kidding!

Mommy sending the girls down a smaller slide!

Daddy jumping with the girls!


Sydney & katelyn!
One more shot!
S & S going down the slide!

Mommy climbing up a big mountain!
Lots of moms & dads watching from outside!
This was mommy in the process of climbing up the mountain...OR, as i would say: "BUTT SHOT"! Wonder who took THAT PIC??? LOL!The birthday girl! SOO CUTE! AND Yes, behind in the purple shirt IS my sister with her big ole' belly! 28 weeks and as big or bigger than when she had Allison at 39 weeks! She's going to be B-I-G! But, a GOOD BIG!
Just some shots of lunch!All the kidos had a blast...We had a very diverse friends, neighbor friends, cousin Allison, Moms of Multiples Friends....and family! It was really nice!Another belly shot...kathleen & michael(sister & bro in law-Hannah's god parents) on the right!Cousins and BFF(best friends forever...for those that don't know, LOL)Happy, Sweet, Precious big girl! A shot of everyone!Dad & his girls!Mommy & Sarah! She LOVED sitting in the big girl chair...naomi sitting on the left...she's soo cute & going to be THREE soon! Goodness time flies by! When we moved in to our other house down the street...she was a itsy bitsy baby! Kroger did a great job on her cake!Presents Galore...OMG...TOO MANY PRESENTS...we're going to have to do some MAJOR cleaning out and donating some toys soon!
Aunt K & Uncle M bought her a pedal bike t.v. game!
I've started a post here and a post there and seem to have been distracted and none are finished yet! With Paul being so sick i'm really behind on everything...i'm the one running the house and pretty much doing everything around here. I'll post more later, but i wanted to update and say that we had a GREAT bday party...Paul was even well enough for the 2 hours, to join us. He is still very sick and i don't know when he'll be back to normal. I think he's not going to be 100% for a while. He'll be better for a few hours and then go down hill. It's so upsetting and nerve wrecking...but most importantly, we made it through Hannah's first real birthday party and had a blast. All of Hannah's friends were there, Melody & Ben brought Katie & Sydney, Stacy & Sean brought Cameron, Allison & Riley, Amy & Brian brought E, T, N, S & all her friends that rsvp'd from school were there. Of course Gma & Gpa B were there, and her auntie J & K were there with J & M! Of course Allison was there...and Maddy, Natalie, Arden, Sean & David from school. Jill, Yani, Zena & Demetri, who were our old neighbors came as well. AND, Hannah hasn't opened all her presents yet, but i gotta say, she LOVED all the dress up stuff from Jill & Family! She LOVES DRESSING UP!
All in all, the party was loads of fun! The girls were ALL exhausted. Sarah was SOO tired, when i got her out of the car her head kept slumping...and i accidentally whacked it in to the front door and she didn't even wake up. I didn't hurt her...but i did bump her head and she didn't flinch! It was kinda funny...she was SOOOO TIRED!

I think Hannah had a blast. I'm SOOO glad Paul made it b/c the girls were so clingy that i wouldn't have been able to do anything b/c i'd have had two babies hanging on my legs. They are just soo scared of anyone...even family.

I also wanted to say a big THANK YOU To my neighbor and great friend AMY-mommy to E,T,N, & S, for taking pics while everyone was eating. They turned out great...

Just for the records, Hannah was so excited that when we sang happy birthday to her(for the second day in a row-my MOMS friends sang it to her at play group yesterday too..soo sweet) she blew out her candle before we were even half was through the song..HILARIOUS!

Think that's all for now. BTW, i'm not ignoring anyone, if i haven't left comments lately! I've honestly been soooo consumed in Paul being sick i honestly haven't been on the computer the past 3 days for more than 5 or 10 minutes...I know, CRAZY! I miss my blogging!

AND, Thanks for every one's concern about Paul. Goodness, i just want him to get better soon! It's horrible to see him SOOO SICK! What's worse than Paul being BED hasn't been made in THREE DAYS now! Talking about letting go of my OCD with making beds...who knew i could go so long and not make a bed! LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

Hehehehehehehehe you know who!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Looks like you guys had a great time for hannah's birthday
Happy Birthday Hannah!

Barbara Manatee said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! Looks like a fun party. We have one of those places near us and tried it out a few weeks ago. Even my little two enjoyed it!

Harris Boys said...

what a fun celebration. we have been crazy busy over here too so I know how you feel.

The twins look so big going down the slide all by themselves..that's great! the party looked like a blast!!

Happy Birthday Hannah :)

BoufMom9 said...

Oh my gosh! Brenda, I haven't been around myself because of vacation and so many other "things". I had no idea about Paul! how awful! OH! I hope he is feeling better soon! We had a very good friend get food poisoning so bad that he was hospitalized forWEEKS. It was awful! I am glad he seems to be getting better!
The pictures from the party are fantastic! Hannah looks just beautiful & so happy!
What a lucky girl to have such a great first REAL party!
:) debi

Mommy to those Special Ks said...


cat said...

That looks like a great birthday party. Hope Paul is better soon. Food poisoning is really a bummer.

Jamie said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!