Sunday, July 06, 2008


Last night Samantha(our babysitter is also named Samantha) came over to babysit. She is awesome and such a life saver for us! She REALLY tries to pick the babies us and snuggle with them...even though they do not like ANYONE! It's so weird because Hannah is little miss social butterfly! Anyway, she got over here around 730p and we didnt' have any specific plans. SO, i have been craving Cheescake Factory! Ahh...just thinking of it still makes me happy. Esp since i got a gigantic to go box that is now in my fridge, one with my mesa chicken i hardly ate and one with my piece of cheescake that is calling my name. As a matter of fact it is calling my name as i type this! YUMMY!

The Cheesecake Factory was delicious and so much fun. A tid bit loud...but fun. I've been dreaming about going there for a while...but i dreaded passing up the fried mac n cheese...which i just couldn't eat after soo much work with my weight loss. BUT, even though i didn't order mac n cheese...i did get some yummy lettuce wraps! OMG, i LOVE those lettuce wraps! I don't know what makes them SOO good...but whatever it is, they are delicious!

All in all we had a great night. When we arrived home at 1010p, guess who greeted us at the door? Yep, ms. Hannah was STILL WIDE AWAKE! It was HILARIOUS! All she could tell me was how Samantha let her put her make up on and they had a blast. It is ALWAYS a relief when i walk in and Hannah is all happy go lucky, even if she is UP at 1010p(which is WAY past her bedtime)! BUT, Samantha & Hannah had fun..and that was most important!

Going out with Paul was a nice break from the babies...and we need that everyonce in a while.

P.S. the girls got a hair cut yesterday...i'm going to attach some pics. I think i should bill Paul or US 65.00 b/c that is what we'd pay for 3 hair cuts at the hair cutter! LOL! I did an excellent job if i say so myself.

And this was Hannah today after our little play date with her friend from school, Natalie. She was exhausted and did NOT want to eat at the table with she ate on the floor beside the table. It was pretty funny!

This one wasn't very good...but you can imgaine her sitting on the floor next to the table eating her lunch. O yeah, also, they didn't have snacks since her friend was over and they were soo she ate an ENTIRE grilled cheese sandwich and cheetos w/o any fuss at all! AMAZING what missing snacks does for your appetite!


Harris Boys said...

date night!! how fun :) its always nice to get away with just the hubby for some alone time. we ate at cheesecake factory today...I love that place! the girls look so cute with their haircuts, I love the 2nd pic of hannah...she has the cutest grin :)

hope you guys have a great week.

thanks for the comment about ethan!

debi9kids said...

WOOHOO! A date night!!! YIPPEE! Sounds just wonderful!!!
Ok, so I hear so much about Cheesecake factory and have never been.... sounds SO yummy though!
Very funny pic of Miss Hannah on the floor. LOL
:) Debi

The Adventures of Carrie, Brook, Finn and Reid said...

Yay for you for going on a date night!

I wish we had a cheesecake factory!