Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hannah's First really bad Boo Boo!

Today the girls all went to school. After meeting Melody at the new awesome outlet mall for a little shopping with her girls and some lunch i headed on over to pick up my girls. As i was getting out of the car, Hannah's best friend Maddy, was getting into her grandma's car. She told me Hannah fell down and scraped up her nose, her knees and her arms. I thought...oh, no biggie...just a little boo boo!

I walked into class, Ms. Tuti immediately said "Brenda, before you see Hannah, let me warn you, it's not as bad as it looks". YIKES! This is what i found. Poor baby. She was racing her friend Auburn outside...and somehow fell down and banged up herself pretty bad. No big deal..but what drives me crazy is this medicine thing with school. The can't put anything on the scrapes other than water. They couldn't put hydrogen peroxide, or neosporin...nothing on it. ERRR...drives me CRAZY! Anyway, she's fine tuti said she cried for about 1 minute and was fine! And her knees are all banged up too!
And then some cute pics of the girls...Sarah with her bowl begging for snacks!
Sam just a smiling...hanging out on dad's chair!
I truly think Sarah is going to be an architect...she LOVES putting things together. She will sit under her high chair all day and put the snaps together...then yell for me to take them apart. Then put them back together again. Sam on left, Sarah on right.

Think that's all for now. It's been a rough week and i'm ready for the weekend. Two things have broken in one week...our a/c upstairs(which will be replaced tomorrow) and now our brand new oven is broken(the heating element on the bottom over heated and burnt up). Do yourself a favor...DO NOT buy Fridgedaire products. We've had two items that were both bought about 1.5 years ago, break. The darn dishwasher is still making noises and now the oven. No more fridgedaire items for us.
BTW, i had a GREAT time at the outlet mall with Melody and her twins today. We went to a few stores...Gymboree(baby boy cully is going to be one spoiled little boy thanks to auntie Brenda), Gap & of course Coach and then had some lunch and i had to go(to make it back in time to pick up the girls). Her girls were SOO good the whole time. They were so patient and sweet...Sydney is definitely less shy then Katie. She was smiling and grabbing things...Katie, is definitely a bit more reserved and quiet. They are both soo sweet...and hanging out with them made me miss my girls(for just a few moments)! LOL! I think next time i'm going to try to take all 3 girls out to see her..maybe we'll go to a park or splash pad or something...Soon!


BoufMom9 said...

OH! Poor girl with the booboo!
That is annoying about the school! What the heck? Our schools will call us and get verbal permission to put something on a booboo...
Glad you got out shopping! I am DYING to go outlet shopping! I am supposed to head to delaware for some tax-free outlet shopping next week! OH YEAH!!!!

Jamie said...

Ouch. That looks like it would hurt!!! Kids sure are tough though aren't they?!?!

Harris Boys said...

omg poor baby...that looks as bad as my andrew's forehead. hope it heals fast..good thing about kids, they spring back fast!! Glad the outlet mall was fun, I've been an shop addict the last few weeks getting ready for my new job!! Have a great weekend with your girls!!!!!