Sunday, May 04, 2008

Just some random pics...

Jennifer & Allison came over today for a day of girl play and fun! She is starting to show and looks precious! I can't believe she is almost 15 weeks! The time seems to be flying by so quickly! Since Jeff & His bro went fishing on the bay we thought it'd be fun to have a day of girl play and lunch...just us sisters and our big girls! Here is a pic of Hannah & Allison from today...playing dress up! Allison said she was a lawyer, going to a meeting! Taking after her mom, already! They are just so cute together & love each other so much. They are still anti-babies when they are together. They locked out the little girls and played all by themselves in the girls bedroom today!
Allison in her best work clothes! Purse and unmatching shoes..Another punky Brewster in the family! Punky Brewster x's TWO! Aren't they so sweet! Sam was mad b/c they couldn't play with the big girls! :)

Playing outside on the back patio...Sarah crawled up on Hannah tricycle and Sam got in the choo choo wagon waiting to go for a walk!

Hannah hanging out eating a snack...
Hannah tucked in nice and neatly for a nap with her bear and all. Hannah reading the girls a book..They love to read

Hannah with my heels on...You can't see very closely but they are the only pair of HIGH heels i have!
A side shot...look at those Heels!
Sarah in my one flip flop! :)
Sarah climbed up on the tricycle all by herself!
Here is a pic...kinda late but better late than never. This was my table of friends/MOMS at the appreciation dinner at the Hilton! We had a blast! L to R: Me, Melody, Sally, Katherine, and the two others i don't remember their names) :(

I'm working on a post right'll be my 375th post! It's going to be be on the look out. It's a short re-cap of the last week before i found out i was prego(THAT was one CRAZY WEEK) and the week we actually went in to see the dr. and all sorts of good stuff! I should have it done soon!

Lastly, a few more cute pics from today that i just noticed on my camera!
Sam loves smiling for the camera!Look at that cute hat! These clothes are not matching b/c they are actually Hannah's old clothes i found and pulled out of the closet. They were a few of my favorite dresses!Mommy & Sarah...i know i hate pics of me...but Sarah looked SOO cute in this hat i thought it'd be a really cute pic...till she covered up her face! And then she laid down on the floor and wouldn't get i took one more of her on the that CUTE hat! She looks soo sweet!


Harris Boys said...

brenda, I don't think your girls could get any cuter...they are adorable. love the hats...I can't keep hats on my boys to save my life. sounds like you girls had a great weekend!!!! 375th post...WOW!! I just hit 100th. Awesome!!!

Jamie said...

Your girls are just so cute!!!! It sounds like a great weekend!!!! and I was laughing at the lawyer thing! How ambitious of her! My boys talk about being police, or a construction worker, dallas said for a while he was going to be a doctor. . .until he realized he hates doctors!!! lol

Lisa & Gerald said...

Sounds like the girls had lots of fun yesturday! Bet they went to bed good last night for ya !

BoufMom9 said...

Such adorable pics from this weekend! Your girls are all so photogenic. JUST GORGEOUS!
I also love seeing some more pics of you!
Can't wait to see your big post! WOW! 375! AWESOME!!!
ps I can't believe your sister is already 15 weeks!!! It is flying by...