Thursday, May 08, 2008

If Hannah had one million dollars, what would she buy me for Mother's Day?

Today, as i was dropping off the girls at school...the talk of the school was mothers day. Every mother in Hannah's grade HAD to check out what their children would buy their moms for mothers day if they had one million dollars! HILARIOUS! Obviously, sweet little Hannah has no concept of how MUCH one million dollars is because she wrote the following: I'd buy my mom some flowers....and a book!

Some of the other funnies were: a pearl necklace inside a heart, a birthday present for my mom and her buy me a barbie and a birthday present, some shoes for one mom(Hannah's best friend Maddy actually wrote the shoe one), and i could go on and on. They were all hilarious!

I received all sorts of cute mom's day presents today. The twins made me little paper flowers that are in little clay pots. Hannah made me something really neat...but i'm going to keep it all wrapped up till Sunday!

Other than that...the girls ARE indeed sick. The twins have green snotty noses...the usual. Very grumpy which makes me grumpy. Lots of crying and screaming..which gives me a headache...and i could go on and on. Thank goodness they went to school today and i had a day of peace and quiet. I actually went to my girlfriend(Megans) grandma's funeral..which was actually really sad for me. Her grandma was the sweetest lady ever. Megans dad actually made me start crying because as i was leaving he told me "he had just received some cards returned in the mail because nena put the wrong address on them...they were made out to the girls". She sent the girls(all 3 of them) cards ALL the time. It was actually funny because she didn't even seal them...just tuck in the flap. She had never even met the twins but sent them cards for every occasion! It was sooo sweet! Anyway, other than the funeral, i didn't do much. Sat around the house and enjoyed the peace and quiet for a while.

Last night was rough...Sam woke up at midnight and was screaming so i made Paul go pick her up. Then we couldn't get her back to bed so i got upset and slept on the couch because i hadn't felt good all day yesterday! I really needed a bit of sleep. If only the dog would have sat still for a few minutes and stopped getting up and moving from place to place in the living room...i would have been able to get a few hours of good sleep. Man that dog is annoying and makes a lot of noise at night. I should have just locked her out of the time i'll know to get my lazy butt up and boot her so i can really get some sleep!

Alright, well i'm headed to bed now. I'm exhausted and i need a break and some peace and quite...i have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a rough day!


BoufMom9 said...

OH! How sweet! I love that hannah would buy you flowers & a book! Cute!
Do you have a scanner so we can see what they madefor you???

Jamie said...

Those mothers day questions sound funny! The concept of money, just lost on little kids! lol I'm sorry to hear about your friends Grandma. She sounds like a really sweet lady. I hope your kiddos are feeling better soon, an that you get some more rest!!!

Carrie & Brook said...

Too cute! happy mother's day!!