Wednesday, May 28, 2008

You all are going to love the pics...when i figure out how to load from my new camera!

We had a great day today! We finally made it down to the actual beach. It was AWESOME! I mean who doesn't love a white sand beach and BLUE water??? Nothing at ALL like Galveston! It is georgous! Talking about being able to see your feet in the water! Hannah had a blast. We built a ton of sand castles...and the girls loved to knock them down as we built them. Once again, we couldn't have asked for a better day until...we got to dinner tonight. We finally made it out to Sharky's, which is the big fun restaurant in town. UGH! I don't know WHAT was wrong with my sweet Sarah...but she was a MESS for a while. I finally had to pick her up and walk her outside, b/c i was sooo embarassed. I THINK she may be teething...and boy these girls are not good with pain like my sweet little Hannah. They just can't take it. Anyway, after her break down we came back to the hotel and as they sang the national anthem and God bless America...we stood out on our balcony at sunset and danced(me and the girls). Then we had a bit of an issue getting the twins to bed..but finally at 9:00p they gave in and feel asleep. Today, since we hit the actual beach...tomorrow we're going to do a little sight seeing off site. We're going to some really cool zoo...then maybe to the marina. We'll see! We have met SOO many people from different places...they have all been soo nice and welcoming. Hannah has also met SOO many has been a great adventure. We do plan on coming back next year...but maybe we'll mark our calendars for a week or two the kidos are still in school and college isn't out yet. I've learned a ton about traveling with kids for 12 hours and a lot about beach vacations...if you want to know all about it...i THINK i'm going to post about our beach vacation instead of product review this upcoming weekend(if time permits).

Sorry pics yet.

Here's something really i write, the crazy kids next door got busted by tabc in the parking lot as we were coming up from dinner. Apparently they are ALL 18 and partying it up like rock stars. Paul said, "Oh dear, we're in for a rough night if they can't go out". WELL, we just heard the hollering outside already! LOL! Glad i'm in a good mood and have a good sense of humor, o yeah and then a/c in the bedroom in LOUD and cancels out the noise. Paul also said he heard them come in at like 3a last night..and they were all hollering over the balcony at other kidos! You know, i could be a grumpy old lady about the whole thing!

O yeah, one more funny: Yesterday, i went into the little store downstairs as we ordered our lunch to grab a water for the girls a couple of beers for us. The lady inside seriously tried to ID me! It was hilarious! Of course, i didn't have my ID, we were out at the pool! So, i said, "i'm almost 32! I have THREE kids and that is my hubby out there...the one without any hair(sorry hunny), do you seriously need my ID, b/c i'm going to be upset if i have to go upstairs to get it?" She said, no, just look really young! I couldn't believe it!

Anyway, we're still having a great time. I can't believe we have to leave Friday! I'm sad, but i'll be ready to get back home. S&S got really sad today when Paul said something having to deal with gracye and could tell they really missed the dogs. They really LOVE the dogs soo much. I do miss my house and my own bed and healthy food. I'm ready to get back on my bandwagon and eat healthy and stop the beer and coke consumption! I can already feel it going to my belly! UGH!


BoufMom9 said...

Sounds like you are having a great trip! We just got home from ours yesterday...blogging has commenced. LOL
Take it as a compliment that you look young! WOOHOO! That is awesome that someone thought you were under 21! Well done Mama!
ps can't wait to see your pics! I got a new camera too for my vacation! (we must've been twins in a past life. LOL)

Brad & Alyssa said...

LOL!! OMG I can't believe that you were asked for ID!! Well at least you can say "hey I must look pretty damn good for having 3 kids!!!" Seriously congratulations!!!!! :)

Jamie said...

Sounds like things are going well! I can't wait to see the pictures!!!

Enjoy your days that are left!! I'm sure the sand and sun will be missed when you head back to the day to day grind!!!!

Gibson Twins said...

Wow it sounds like you guys are having fun! Can't wait to see the pics too! Bedtime is hard for my two when we are away from home, usually they will cry and/or stay up waaaaay past bedtime. I bet all three girls will love the zoo too, I need to get off my tush and get mine out to the zoo at some point. Those darn animal sounds we should be learning :) lol

PS- about the clerk who wanted to ID you- that is funny! I think you look like Lucy from 7th Heaven, that young cute face

Have a good rest of the vacation!

Courtney said...

oh tabc.... memories! hahahaha

love it, cant wait to see pics

Harris Boys said...

sounds like things are going great! sorry about the meltdown...things happen right! I really can't wait to see some beach pics, sorry again about your camera!! Take care and enjoy your vacation!!

Carrie & Brook said...

Sounds like a fantastic beach vacay so far! I long for the beach and sand!

The ID story reminds me of something crazy that happened on my return flight of my buiness trip a few weeks ago. I flew on a small airline that operates in Alaska only and they are weighing all carry-on luggage as well as all minors (i.e. those under 18) for some study they are doing. Anyway, you can probobly guess what happened...After checking my suitcase and them putting it on the conveyer belt, I put my laptop (i.e. my carryon) on the giant scale. Then I took it off. Then he asked me to step on the scale. I asked 'why?" and he said that they had to weigh all passengers under 18.

After laughing hysterically, I told them I was 30, had two kids and I was on a business trip to boot! He just said, "oh!, sorry!".

Enjoy your vacation!