Friday, May 09, 2008

Three Blooming Personalities!

Sarah is my dress up girl. She LOVES to wear my shoes...Hannah's play shoes...any shoes she can put on her feet. Her attire today was precious! Purse, hat, and princess shoes. She is my cutie...although she has become the biter lately! Sam is very photogenic these days. Everytime i get the camera out she poses for me! She has also become the baby that LOVES her baby dolls and stuffed animals. She takes them everywhere with her! She doesn't have one in particular but a few she really likes these days are: the monkey, her baby doll, and a bear that is really soft and silky!
Another cute pic of my dress up princess!
My sweet big girl...just hanging out!
This was yesterday..Sam loves to crawl up on chairs...The shirts were supposed to be their 4th of July attire...but it was so hot and they looked so cute in these shirts. We decided we'll get new shirts if they stain them before the 4th!

Sam with her monkey! She loves to love on her stuffed animals!

A pic of my Mothers Day Flowers...i hate to say it but i don't think that the girls can be out done with real flowers(from dad, if he chooses to buy me some)! These are the cutest flowers i have ever received! A Sneak peek of the wrapped presents that Hannah made for me. MDO always does soo good with home made presents...
And then there was the bag from Hannah. She REALLY wanted to open my present for me...i told her not till Sunday. She asked when that would we had to go through all the days of the week and i told her we had TWO more days left!
This was taken the other day...Sarah and her shoes! What 16 month old can wear these kind of heels???

Hannah raided my closet the other day and put on a few shirts at a time. Nice ensemble...but doesnt' quite match...the shoes Do match the pink outer shirt!
Sam and her smiling again! She is just too cute!
Sarah LOVES getting up on bikes. She even got up on Hannah's big girl bike and i had to run like the wind to get her off before she flipped it over. Now we keep it laying on it's side
Think that's all for now.

I can't believe my baby girls are going on 17 months! They are talking more and more. They can repeat almost anything you say and understand almost everything. Some words they say are: baby, more peas-which means more please, up, bye bye, mama, dada, adeline(the little girl that lives across the street)...of course it's not actually pronounced adeline...but close, Alley(for Allison) and Anna for Hannah. I could go on and on about their words. I really think within the next month their vocabulary is going to really blossom in a big way. I try to compare to when Hannah was talking and if my memory serves me the time we moved out of our seamist house she was talking very well and that was right at 18 months.

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers out there!


BoufMom9 said...

Such ADORABLE pictures!
I love that your girls seem so "girlie". Emma is just like them! She loves to dress up and she is really into her baby dolls too! It's so cute!
LOVE the 4th of July shirt! Really cute! (hope they don't stain it. LOL)
And, i can't believe they can get on that bike! WOW!
Hope you have a Wonderful Mother's day!
ps Your gifts were just ADORABLE! LOVE LOVE LOVE the flowers!!!!