Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bad Sarah!

This is from the attack of the babies this morning. I never have an idea of how bad the bites are till i strip them down for bath time! This one really took the cake! Any suggestions on how to stop the biting madness! I NEED HELP! :( They were both attacking each other & slapping each other...then they both bit down...Sarah won the fight obviously! BAD BAD SARAH!And on to better, sweeter pics...the girls in the dog bowls again! A sweeter pic of Sarah...trying on a hat!
Look at that precious smile from Sam!

Hannah coaxed the girls into the clothes basket...then filled it up with stuffed animals...they were squished in there!

Sam trying to ride the big girl bike outside!
I already killed my first plant this summer...actually the girls pulled each and every bud off of this plant. We did end up planting it...hoping we could revive it. We're still waiting for it to come back to life.
After a long day of playing...Sam sleeping!


BoufMom9 said...

OUCH! That looks awful! I have NO idea what stops biting!
I know back in the day my mom put pepper on tongues... is that considered abuse now-a-days?
BTW Love the sleeping picture in the chair! LOL