Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No pics yet...you won't believe why???

Our trip is going great so far. NOT a Five star hotel for sure. BUT i don't think there is necessary a five, four or three star hotel on a BEACH? Anyway, i'm totally being a smarty pants about that b/c our hotel has NO carpet...which now i understand the reasoning behind that...the SAND! Anyway, the ride down here was fun. We stopped at a pit stop, once for gas and for lunch. Then we took the LONG scenic route up the coast to Panama City...not so much fun. LONG LONG DRIVE! We should have taken i-10 around..but we didn't know about the traffic and the fact that it was MEMORIAL DAY! UGH! Anyway, got here around 4:30p FL time(yep, 12 hour drive)...got settled in REALLY fast and went down to the splash pad. It was a bit cold...but not too bad. I'll finish up the whole story later...just wanted to update mainly that we're here...we're alive..the trip down here wasn't too bad...the kids are adjusting...it's like spring break for 18 year olds here though(LOUD LOUD PARTYING ALL NIGHT LONG), BUT we are having a GREAT TIME NOW!

O YEAH & i WOULD have pics...but we had an incident this morning at the splash pad..Paul reached down to grab one of the babies as she went down the slide...and YEP, had the camera in his hand. He's going to run over to Walmart in a bit to purchase a new cheap one for now...UGH!
Jennifer, if your reading this...i'll just talk to you when we get back...we keep missing each other!

Have a great week and i'll update with pics later!


Jamie said...

You're there!!! Half the battle is over! You've made it safe and sound, and now its just the fun part! I hope everything goes smoothly, and that you have a wonderful vacation!

Courtney said...

oh no.... we want pictures!!

no carpet... interesting

Harris Boys said...

aww brenda I can't wait to see pics of your pretty girls at the beach...so much fun. Have a great time and sorry about the camera!

mames said...

hi brenda, i found you via HDYDI and i was reading your post on products. i tried to find the sippy grip you wrote about but have not had any luck. it sounds like you are out and about,but when you have a chance could you let me know where to find them? thanks and have a great trip.

i know blogger does not provide email so this comment links to my blog. thanks again.